Top 8 Pokemon Anime series(Ranked)!!

The Pokemon franchise has always been a popular one, especially in Japan. Even though the target audience for the anime is supposed to be kids, the anime series is popular even among many adults. This should not come as a shock since Pokemon has been carrying a nostalgia to it that can not be replaced easily. But, as far as the series go, not every series has been able to live up to the expectations of Pokemon fans.

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This is the reason why I decided to list out some of the best seasons that Pokemon anime fans have witnessed. So, let’s get started.

Ranking the Best Pokemon Anime Series

8. Pokemon Black and White

Pokemon Black and White

The worst Pokemon series ever is the Black and White series. I have no doubt that it is the most despised series of the franchise. Most fans hate this series and I don’t blame them because I am also one of them.

This is the only series where Ash’s ace, Pikachu lost at the beginning of the journey. But, it’s not that simple the loss came to a new trainer who had just gotten his new Pokemon. This is not all, the gym battles were also pretty bad and the league was also the worst ever. Ash failed to make any impact and the blame should be put on the bad writing. So, if you ever plan on watching Pokemon then I recommend that you skip Black and White.

7. Pokemon Adventure on Orange Island

Pokemon Orange Island

Even though this series is placed second last, it does not imply that the series was bad. In fact, it was the series where Ash won his first official major title. At that time, Dragonite was considered to be an almost legendary pokemon due to its rarity and Ash was the one who was able to defeat it and claim the title of champion of Orange Islands. It also did not have any gym battles instead, there were different mechanics that were used to test the trainer. I would say that this series is worth watching and would definitely give you nostalgia.

6. Pokemon Johto Journeys

pokemon johto edited

I feel that the Johto region was the first major region for Ash and this is where most of his character development as a trainer started. His first league was a blunder and this is where he was able to showcase his true skills as a trainer and showed that he isn’t just any average trainer. The major highlight of this series was that he was finally able to win over one of his strongest, Charizard.

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5. Pokemon Advanced

Pokemon Advanced

Now, let’s move on to the top 5 and here we have the Advanced series, which was one of the most difficult series for Ash as he was seeking to battle the frontier brains and they were tougher than any gym leader he had faced. This is what made the series so good to watch as we watched Ash struggle to find and create new strategies in order to beat his toughest opponents at that time.

4. Pokemon Sun and Moon

Pokemon Sun and Moon

The major reason why this series has been placed in the top 5 is that Alola is the region where Ash was finally able to gain the title of champion. There’s also the fact that Ash was able to capture some of the rarest Pokemon and that too in a single series, which is pretty insane and it can also be called his strongest regional team ever. I had left watching at one point, but this was the series that brought me back again.

3. Pokemon Journeys

Pokemon Journeys

It is the latest series and one of the best series, sadly though, it could not become the best despite having the potential to do so. However, it is still a pretty good series to watch. The fact that Ash has been featured in this series as the champion of Alola region is what makes this even more interesting. The series also featured the most awaited event and that is the World Championship which is a contest to become the champion of champions. This series also had some concerns but overall it is one of the best to watch.

2. Pokemon Diamond and Pearl

Pokemon Diamond and Pearl

The rivalry of Ash and Paul and the intense battles throughout is what makes this series so great. This is why it was able to claim the second spot on this list. The storytelling and the brutal rivalry made this series one of the best series so far.

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There is absolutely nothing that I did not like in this series except for one, which is what took the top spot from it. That is the semifinal battle with one of the most debated characters of the series, Tobias. Ash seemed one of the best trainers in the Sinnoh league and that is when this character with legendary Pokemon was introduced. It was as if they made Tobias just to make Ash lose the competition. It was the most one-sided battle of the whole Pokemon anime. It was really infuriating to see Ash lose a battle in such a way. This is why it could not make it to the top spot.

1. Pokemon XYZ

Pokemon XYZ

XYZ was everything that DP could not be. It had amazing music, phenomenal animation, high-intensity music, and cool traveling partners. It may have lacked the rivalry aspect but it made up with its intense storytelling and hype. Fans wanted Ash to have a mega-evolution but he was given something much rarer. The bond phenomenon which gave him the mega evo type power without any mega stone is something that was never heard of until the anime did it.

Even though Ash lost in the final of the Kalos league, the series still takes the top spot by a small margin from DP. This is the best series and you definitely have to give this a try if you haven’t.

Final Words

I did not mention the Indigo league because it was just the building block of the anime but I’d like to mention that it was better than Black and white so watch the first season instead of that. If there is anything you want to know in detail then you can check out the pokemon wiki.

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