Tower of God Anime Season 2 officially announced!! What can you expect?!

Tower Of God Season 2 Tower of God Season 2 Key Visual and official announcement

As I have mentioned many times that this year is a great one from the perspective of an anime lover. As if whatever we were getting was not enough when the official announcement for the second season of Tower of God anime came about. To be honest, I thought that after the adaptation of season 1 and how it was done we might not be able to get a second season. But, I am glad I was wrong and excited after hearing the news. 

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Tower of God Anime Season 2 Key Visual

Tower of God Season 2 key visual
TOG Season 2 Key Visual

The announcement of the production of the second season had come after the release of the poster for it. Since the official announcement came from Crunchyroll, it is safe to say that they are trying to animate some well-deserved manhwas. I don’t really mind anything as long as the anime is served justice, which was not the case the previous time. I really enjoyed the story and the progression in that season but, it deserved better animation than it got. God of High School was also another manhwa that was being adapted into an anime and was produced by Crunchyroll compared to Tower of God, it had really great animation and if this level of animation was incorporated with Tower of God then I am sure that it would have performed much better. 

But, let’s keep the past behind and talk about what’s coming. Those who have read the manhwa would know the content that we are going to get this season. And, it is only going to get better with each consequent adaptation of the manhwa. The coming section will be containing some spoilers that are going to be a part of Tower of God season 2 so you can stop now if you don’t want to know what can happen in the second season. 

What to expect from Season 2 of TOG?

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There is going to be a lot of action and that is for sure, however, from the point of view of the story, the second season is only going to be the beginning of the big picture that is yet to come. You can say that this season will be building up for the coming seasons while revealing some of the many mysteries that are hidden in the tower. Bam will be seen in a whole new avatar and there will also be another mystery character that is going to be a part of the main story as well. The highlight, however, would be the entry of probably the strongest character, Urek Mazino and I am dying to see Urek in action even though it won’t be for too long. Rachel’s betrayal was only the beginning as there are going to be many more betrayals in the future and they won’t just be limited to Bam. As it is said,

 “Everything you seek is at the top of the tower”

 which is the sole base of this anime as the advent reveals many mysteries when Bam ascends the tower. Are you looking forward to season 2 of Tower of God?! I certainly am. 

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Tower of God Season 2 Promotional trailer

Amidst the key visuals that were released, there was also a promotional trailer that was released containing scenes from the first season and a teaser for the second season of Tower of God. And, after watching it, I am sure that you would have felt excited reliving those scenes again. I am just as much excited as you are. I hope the animation is done right in this season and it will surely be a banger.    

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