Anime X Senpai

DO you dare take this impossible anime Challenge? You will end up crying if you actually did!!

Genre - Romance, Music, School

It's really hard to see April leaving in any time of the year and it's even harder to stop sobbing over it. 

Your Lie in April

Genre - Romance, School

As the name suggests, the movie will leave you silent and all you will be left with is sobbing. 

A Silent Voice

Genre - Action, Fantasy

Even though it is an action anime don't think for a second that you will not have any attachments to it. Death of loved characters will leave you astounded.

Akame ga Kill

Genre - History, Fantasy, Adventure

A dumb and deaf boy who is on a journey with his friend to be the best. However, the journey ahead will test him.

Ranking of Kings

Genre - History, War

The aftermath of a war is hard for everyone, especially when you are not independent. The journey of those siblings will surely ache your heart. 

Grave of Fireflies

Genre - Action, School, Comedy

A group of students learning to assassinate their teacher may sound like a fun plot. But, you'll realize it isn't as you proceed with the series.

Assasination Classroom

Genre - Isekai, Adventure, Action

You may think that how can an Isekai make you cry, but if you really are wondering then give this a try and you'll know what I really mean.


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