Spy X Family

Genre - Acton, Comedy

This anime is based on the family of forgers which was created for a mission but come out to be more. 

Season 1 was crazy popular and the second season has been doing pretty well too. So, let's see what exactly makes this anime so popular. 

The plot surrounding the made-up family of unique characters with specific skills has been very appealing to the audience and it's no wonder why. 

Is there anyone who can actaually ignore this cute little girl (Anya)? In fact, her cuteness has been a crucial factor in the popularity of the anime. 

Yor is waifu material and I really don't see a reason for any man of culture to not simp for her. I certainly love her, both as a character as well a waifu. 

The anime is also known for its great action sequences and captivating animations. Animation is also a crucial component of many good modern anime. 

What are your thoughts on the anime? Is there anything else that you'd like to add or did you like it as it is?!