Being the ruler of a country and having the most OP generals displays how strong he really is. His ability to draw people and lead them is quite commendable.

Rimuru Tempest

One of the smartest and most devious anime characters ever. His ability is simple yet too broken. This is how he deceived the whole of the Soul Society with no consequences.

Sosuke Aizen

Anos is a strong and caring demon lord. He can manipulate space, time, and even life itself. Even after his reincarnation, his magic is strong enough to defeat almost anyone.

Anos Voldigoad

A weak guy trains and gets strong. But, Sung Jin Woo has taken this concept to a whole new level. He is one of the coolest MCs ever.

Sung Jin Woo

With his intimidating and charming personality Gojo sensei has already won the hearts of many. On top of that, he is an unbeatable character(till now). That is why the only option was to seal him.

Gojo Satoru

Saitama is strong and we already know that but after the recent developments in the manga, he is not just strong, but a GOD after learning the ability to manipulate time and space.