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Mission Yozakura Family Manga  Major characters and their abilities that you must know about

She is the head of the Yozakura family and also the youngest daughter. She possesses the ability to give abilities to others using her blood. 

Mutsumi Yozakura

He is Mutsumi's husband and in order to protect her wife from danger becomes the part of Yozakura family and gains the ability to harden and soften parts of his body. 

Taiyo Asano

Kyoichiro is the eldest of the Yozakura family and isn't really a mystery character but his blooming abilities sure are a mystery, at least until now. 


Futaba is the eldest daughter of Yozakura family and she can counter any attack with her enhanced kinetic vision. 


Shion is the second daughter of the Yozakura family and her ability allows her to analyze things at high speeds comparable to a supercomputer. 


Kengo is the third son of the Yozakura family and his blooming ability is assimilation which allows him to empathize with someone completely. 


Nanao is the youngest in the Yozakura family and he has the ability of adaptation which allows him to adapt to any sort of environment. 


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