Mission Yozakura Family Characters from the Manga and their unique abilities!!

Hey, if you clicked on the link then you must have started the manga or might have been thinking of starting it now and wanted to have a look at its characters. Well, no need to worry as today I will be sharing with you all the Mission Yozakura family characters. They all have different abilities which are referred to as Bloom abilities and are unique to each of them.

The Blooming ability is limited to the family of Yozakura and that is why I tried to make a consolidated list of Yozakura family members and talk about their abilities in detail.

Mission Yozakura Family Characters

NOTE: The coming list will contain spoilers related to the Mission Yozakura Family characters and you have been warned beforehand.

Now, let’s get started with the list of Yozakura family characters.

Taiyo Asano

Mission Yozakura Family characters - Taiyo

Taiyo Asano is the protagonist of the series and was unaware of the secrets of the family until he got married to Mutsumi and was able to become a member of the Yozakura Family and learned that it is a family of spies. He had to become a spy as well in order to protect his childhood friend and wife, Mutsumi.

  • History

Taiyo and Mutsumi have been friends since childhood and he has been protecting her from the bullies ever since they met.

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At the age of 14, he lost his family in a car accident. He developed a trauma that wouldn’t let him get close to other people and the only one that he had contact with was Mutsumi. She started looking after him and they developed a close relationship from that point.

  • Abilities

After becoming a member of the Yozakura Family, he gained the ability to bloom as well. His bloom ability is hardening, and he can use this ability to harden or soften parts of the body. Apart from that, he also gained enhanced immunity to poisons and super strength, after training with Yozakuras.

Mutsumi Yozakura

Mission Yozakura Family characters - Mutsumi

Mutsumi is the childhood friend and wife of Taiyo Asano. She is also the 10th head of the Yozakura family. She is also the prettiest girl in her school but used to get bullied due to the white streak in her hair.

  • History

Mutsumi was born and raised to be the next head of the Yozakura family. She was also taught the ways of the outside world in order to gain more knowledge and this is what led to the fated meeting between Mutsumi and Taiyo as they grew to be close friends.

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At the age of 12, she was abducted by Tanpopo along with her mother. They kidnapped her to remove her heart. But, fortunately, her father had saved them.

  • Abilities

Despite being a member of the greatest spy family, she does not possess any superhuman strength or skills. However, she has something that is unique to her.

She is the only one capable of producing Someinine from her heart, giving her the ability to give birth to the next generation. She can also use her blood to awaken the Bloom abilities of others, which is what she did with Taiyo.

Kyoichiro Yozakura

Mission Yozakura Family characters - Kyoichiro

Despite being the eldest son of the Yozakura Family, Kyoichiro is not its head. He also loves Mutsumi a lot and cares about her as his elder brother.

  • History

Kyoichiro has been a genius from an early age. He was only 6 years old when he took his first spy exam and showed every other participant just how skilled he was despite that young age. But for all, we know he really is someone who shouldn’t be messed with.

  • Abilities

Just like other Yozakuras, he also possesses superhuman strength and immunity. He is also said to be the all-rounder of his family. Although, we don’t have information on what his bloom ability is. All we know is that he can use Bloom.

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Futaba Yozakura

Mission Yozakura Family characters - Futaba

Futaba is the eldest daughter of the family and is second to Kyoichiro. She is a very kind person but she can be deadly when it comes to protecting her family.

  • History

Futaba also took her spy exam at the age of 6 and due to her kind nature, she ended up helping other participants as well to clear the exam it was due to her that the exam recorded the highest number of people clearing.

  • Abilities

Despite having a small physique she has enormous physical strength and is a martial arts expert as well. On top of that, her blooming abilities enhances her kinetic vision which enables her to utilize her strength and martial art much more effectively and can be very deadly as well.

Shinzo Yozakura

Mission Yozakura Family characters - Shinzo

Shinzo is the second son of the family and has a very tall and muscular physique. But, despite his build, he has personality issues (different from Kyoichiro, of course). He is a completely different person when he is totally focused on something.

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  • History

Shinzo used to run away from home when he was a kid. The reason for it was the strict training regimen that he was put up in by Kyoichiro and Futaba. He even ran away a lot from the spy exams until he was forced to take them.

  • Abilities

His bloom ability is pretty straightforward. It lets him destroy whatever he sees in front of him and loses all control.

Shion Yozakura

Yozakura family characters - Shion

Shion is the second daughter of the Yozakura family. She is usually a cool character but when it comes to competing, she doesn’t give herself slack and shows how aggressive she can be.

  • History

She took the spy exams when she was eight years old. At that time, she developed a system that enabled her to check into other participants. This revealed a lot of unauthorized candidates and due to her system, a record of 35 people failed the exam due to malevolent activities. Her program was also adopted by the organization that conducts the exam for future use.

  • Abilities

Shion is a great hacker and is also very keen on playing video games. When she uses her Blooming skill, her ability to understand and analyze reaches a level comparable to a supercomputer. She is completely unmatched in her field.

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Kengo Yozakura

Yozakura family characters - Kengo

Kengo is the third son of the Yozakura family. He loves to enjoy things and when he can not he usually lazes off doing nothing. He doesn’t like to do much work as well (just like us).

  • History

When he was still a child he used to be very impulsive in nature. It was such that he had to be taught by Hulang on how to behave and control his nature. He took the exam at the age of 7 and earned three licenses at the same time. However, he had to return them due to not breaking the regulation of the exams.

  • Abilities

He is adept at changing voice and being in disguise that is how he was able to earn three licenses. His blooming ability is Assimilation which allows him to understand what others can feel which only helps him to work better in disguise. This ability works perfectly for him.

Nanao Yozakura

Yozakura family characters - Nanao

Nanao is the youngest of the Yozakura family. He is quite innocent which we can expect from the youngest of the family. He is very diligent as well and works hard in order to catch up to his siblings and living up to their expectations.

  • History

Being the youngest of the family he also got lot of attention as when he went to take the spy exam, it recorded the most number of viewers and it ultimately made him feel quite embarrassed.

  • Abilities

He is immune to many poisons and can strengthen his limbs as well. His bloom ability is Adaptation which allows him to adapt to any sort of atmosphere there is and develop an immunity to it. This comes in very handy for collecting intel from places that normal people can not reach.

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