You may already be aware that Pokemon Journeys aired episode 132 recently, where the PWC Masters 8 Tournament finally concluded.

PWC Masters 8 Tournament was a tournament between the top 8 ranked trainers in the world. Ash was ranked 8th before the tournament. 

Episode 132 was the conclusion of the 4-episode finale, which is also the longest finale that Pokémon anime has ever seen.

The final battle was being fought between Ash and Leon for the title of World Champion. Also, things looked grim for Ash at one moment. 

But, the latest episode finally did what every Pokemon fan has been desiring for a long time. We were able to witness the most iconic Pokemon episode ever.

Ash Ketchum from Pallet town finally emerged victorious in the most dramatic event ever. He is now promoted from a league champion to World Champion. 

However, the MVP was Pikachu and it was well deserved. The culmination of all their adventures were beautifully portrayed and Pikachu proved why he is Ash's ace. 

The episode was a sold 9/10 and possibly the best Pokemon episode ever. It filled us with emotions and the adrenaline rush was there. It will surely make your heart skip a beat.