Pokemon Journeys episode 132 Spoiler | Ash finally won the Pokemon World Championship(PWC)!

I am literally thrilled at the moment. No matter what happened before in Pokemon anime, but, Pokemon Journeys episode 132 just made me forget all that. It was a fired-up episode and to be honest I was not expecting it to be this good. But, I guess all the budget went into making this episode the best of the series (Just Kidding!). So, anyways, you must have heard of the news, it’s literally everywhere on the internet.


But, still, let me break it down to you in detail. Episode 132 of Pokemon Journeys anime gave the fans what they always desired. Yes…, it’s the title of the world champion and becoming the strongest Pokemon trainer of all. If you haven’t watched the episode then I urge you to go and watch and live that moment of glory and possibly the best Pikachu moment in the entirety of these last 25 years.

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Breakdown of Pokemon Journeys Episode 132 (Spoiler)

Ash and Pikachu claiming Champion's trophy

Let’s break down what exactly happened in episode 132 of Pokemon Journeys. So, it was the finale of the Masters’ Tournament of the Pokemon World Championship where Ash was facing the supreme monarch, Leon (Dande in Japanese). He had an unbeaten record at the championships up until that moment when Pikachu surpassed his limits and went plus ultra, and I am not even kidding.

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Pikachu was the only pokemon Ash had left to battle with and Leon had two pokemon with full health. I could not even imagine that Ash could have defeated him in that scenario. But, it actually happened. Ash alongside Pikachu did what no one else could.

Pikachu vs Cinderace in PWC finals.

In the first half, we saw Eternatus (Mugendaina) whom some thought might be interfering with the finals, but he actually helped the final go smoothly and gave both the trainer an extra use of Dynamax energy. Leon called back Charizard and used Gigantamax Cinderace and Ash did the same as well. And, to everyone’s surprise, the Pokemon who troubled Pikachu the most was defeated in One Hit in their transformed state.

Pikachu vs Charizard in PWC finals.

The next thing we know is both the trainers were left with their Partner Pokemon, Pikachu for Ash and Charizard for Leon. They battled it out and there was a moment when Pikachu almost fell unconscious, but as I said he surpassed his limits and went plus ultra. Finally defeating the unbeatable Charizard and making Ash the Pokemon World Champion.

Pokemon Journeys Episode 132 Review

Electrified Pikachu

I was honestly stunned by the episode and I’d so far as to say that this was easily the best episode of the entire Pokemon journey. Highly intense, powered up with the music of the same intensity, the nostalgia, and the flashback, all of these were top notch and even the animation was high quality. As a Pokemon fan, I could not have asked for anything better than this. Also I’d add that Ash was not the only one who was electrified with Pikachu’s thunderbolt, we were just as much electrified as well.

Pikachu getting GIgantamaxed

It beautifully displayed the deep bond between Ash and Pikachu that was forged throughout their journey together. It’s no wonder Pikachu has been the ace pokemon for a long time. He totally deserved it. This episode also corrected the mistake that was made in the Kalos League. Ash deserved to win that battle as well but lost at the end. But, it might also mean that this was the last series with Ash as the protagonist and we may not get to see him as the protagonist of the show anymore since he has conquered the world now.

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There is no official confirmation in that regard, though. So we have to wait and see what the creators of the anime have in store for Ash. If you haven’t watched the episode yet then you can watch it here.

Rating – 9/10

Ash Ketchum’s age

Best Pokemon Anime

Despite 25 years of runtime for the show and Ash achieving so much in that time. According to the anime profile, he is still only 10 years old. Even in Pokemon Journeys, he is only 10 years old. But, now that he was able to be the World Champion, the creators may finally decide to age him and introduce him as the goal rather than the journey. But, it’s all just speculation for the time being.

Ash’s rank in Pokemon World Championship

Ash won the Pokemon World Championship but there is still doubt about his rank as it was never updated in episode 132. Before the starting of the Masters’ Tournament, Ash was ranked 8th but the ranking might be updated soon and he would be given rank 1 in the PWC.

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