Anime X Senpai

These are going to be some of the must-watch anime that you will definitely enjoy this Fall season

It follows the story of an immortal who is born as a human. He is so strong that he has to seal his own power to protect the world. 

The Daily Life of the Immortal King (S3)

It is a beautiful story that will surely change your perspective on many things and is very heartwarming

To Your Eternity (S2)

This is based on an immortal being that can freely take on any form and continually evolves in order to learn the meaning of being human. 

My Hero Academia (S6)

An RPG player is transported into the world of the game he played. He then takes on the role of a ruthless overlord just to find his friends in that world. 

Overlord (S4)

It is a cute story of a family which gets together for mutual benefit. But, as time goes by their relationship starts to develop. 

Spy x Family

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