About Us

The sole purpose of Anime Senpai is to provide good quality content related to anime, manga, and manhwas. I am a big anime fan and have been watching them for a long time. The idea of starting a blog was really simple, I just wanted to share my ideas related to the anime I have watched. I always wanted to discuss anime with others and writing blogs on them seemed like a great idea to me.

There are a lot of people who are still not familiar with the vast world of anime and my sole motive is to provide them with suggestions and reviews that can be helpful to them. There are a lot of anime that people are unaware and they are often termed offbeat anime. I have watched a lot of offbeat anime as well and the only thing about them is that people do not know about them, even though they are good. This is the idea I want to progress with and provide reviews on those rare anime that need to be watched or dismissed. This can also help you decide whether you want to start the anime series or not.

I will try my best to do a good job at providing good quality content and relevant updates to keep you up with the anime world. Your suggestions will always be welcome.


Anime Senpai