Ash’s Strongest Pokemon Team That Can Even Defeat The Legendary Tobias!

Wondering what Ash’s Strongest Pokemon Team is capable of? I believe that it would even go against Tobias and give him a tough competition, unlike the time in Sinnoh League.

Tobias has been the most controversial character in Pokémon anime ever. But, let’s face it! We all want to see Ash beat Tobias, especially now, that he has become the strongest trainer in the world.

Yes, Ash is the Pokémon World Champion, if you didn’t know already. Now let’s get back to the point of Ash vs Tobias. Don’t you want to see their rematch? I’m quite sure that you do and that is why you’re here.

Why Ash vs Tobias Rematch Is Not Possible?

Unfortunately, we may never get to see the much-awaited rematch due to the closure Ash has received as a protagonist. For those of you who are not aware, the original Pokémon anime with Ash Ketchum as the protagonist is over. We will get a new anime series with new protagonists which has been officially confirmed.

But as a Pokémon Fanboy, I can’t help but wonder if Ash can beat Tobias now that he is the World Champion. With that in mind, I came up with a team that should be able to beat even the legendary team of Tobias.

Ash Best Team Vs Tobias

I’m sure that you must have a lot of suggestions and some of them might even match the suggestions on this list. Even if they do not, just remember that this team which I am taking as Ash’s Strongest Pokemon team is based on my preference, and hence there will be some degree of bias.

However, I would love to hear your opinion in the comments. Now let’s get started with the strongest Pokémon team Ash can have.


Ash Ketchum's strongest pikachu

Pikachu has been with Ash for the longest and has achievements that an average Pikachu would not even come close to, ever. With Ash’s journey coming to an end, it will also be the end of the Strongest Pikachu in the World. Who could have even imagined such a cute-looking Pokémon could beat the World Champion, and that too in a Grandeur?

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Ash’s Pikachu has time and again proved that no matter how strong or legendary the opponent may be, there’s nothing that could scare him. The first ever title that Ash had won came in the Orange League where Pikachu was the one to defeat the then-legendary Dragonite. Ever since then, Pikachu has been the MVP whenever Ash came across a strong opponent.

Pikachu’s greatest feats:

  • Defeating Dragonite in the Orange League
  • Tied with the broken Tobias’ Latios in the Sinnoh League
  • Defeated Regiice against the battle with Brandon (Final Frontier Brain)
  • Came out as the MVP against Alain when Ash was in a pinch in the Kalos League Final
  • Defeated the legendary deity of Alola, Tapu Koko, and got Ash to win his first ever Pokémon League title
  • Finally, went up against the unbeatable Leon and defeated possibly the strongest Charizard which led to Ash becoming the World Champion


Ash's Strongest Pokémon Team - Charizard

Ash’s Charizard is among his oldest OG Pokémon and also the coolest Gen 1 Pokémon (for me, at least). Charizard has also been one of the strongest Pokémon in Ash’s arsenal with the achievement of defeating a legendary one on one. Even though their relationship didn’t start off that well after the final evolution, Charizard became a reliable partner and one of his ace Pokémon in the earlier generations. It’d be safe to say that Charizard is an absolute powerhouse. And after training in the Charicific Valley for so long, it’d give even the legendary Tobias a hell of a battle since one of the best achievements involved defeating the legendary bird, Articuno.

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Ash Greninja

The coolest Pokémon ever to date is also among the strongest in Ash Ketchum’s team. Greninja met Ash when he was still a Froakie. Their meeting almost seemed to be their destiny. Ever since Greninja evolved into its final form, he has been able to tap into the power of mega evolution (sort of) without ever needing a mega stone. It was considered as the Greninja of the legend in Kalos. This evolution became possible only due to the strong bond between Ash and Greninja and it remains the only pair capable of doing so without any mega stone.

In fact, Ash-Greninja even came close to beating Diantha’s (Kalos Champion) Mega Gardevoir in a one-on-one battle that never got a finish. We were all hoping that it would even defeat Alain’s Mega Charizard, but the writers had some other ideas. Nonetheless, it would be safe to say that Greninja with its bond phenomenon can go toe-to-toe with even the legendary team of Tobias.


Sceptile vs Darkrai

For me, Sceptile is the coolest grass type Pokémon ever. Why it made it to the list is simple, Ash’s Sceptile is the only Pokémon to ever exist that was able to beat Darkrai in the Sinnoh League. It occurred in the semi-finals and remains the feat that even the Sinnoh League finalist could not perform. If this does not let it qualify as one of the strongest in Ash’s team then I’m not sure what will.

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Even though when it first evolved into a Sceptile and was having issues in battles, it still came out like a champ and stood the ground. Ash Ketchum’s Sceptile is one of the few Pokémon for whom I wanted a Mega evolution which would have only added to its iconic style. Though the feats are still enough to make it into Ash’s Strongest Pokemon team.


Infernape's Blaze

It’s hard to put a fire type in your team when you already have a strong and badass Charizard. However, Infernape is an exception due to the versatility it adds to the team. The same goes for Charizard too. Infernape also has a tragic backstory with Paul being the ex-trainer who later turned into Ash’s iconic rival. High resilience and a will to prove his strength make him one of the strongest Pokémon in Ash’s arsenal. “Blaze” ability is just the icing on the cake.

Even when it did not evolve into an Infernape, it got Ash out of many tough battles. Also, its battle instinct has still not faded as we could see in the final Pokémon series when it went up against the legendary bird, Moltres. It was a delight to witness that scenario and the reunion. I believe that Infernape is also one of those Pokémon which could hold out even against the legendary team of Tobias.


Ash's Unique Mega Lucario

For the final spot, I had a few choices in mind but chose to go with Lucario. A major reason being that Lucario was quite similar to Greninja, in a way, and was different from a regular Lucario. It is also the only Pokémon in Ash Ketchum’s team that is capable of mega evolution. Lucario was also able to form a bond connection with Ash after training with Greninja. Even though that bond didn’t seem as cool as it did with Greninja, the fact remains that it was part of the team that won the Pokémon World Championship, alongside Pikachu.

Lucario’s features are a blend of uniqueness, resilience, and strong will which gave it a place in Ash’s Strongest Pokémon team despite there being better options to choose from. Mega Lucario was able to hold strong even against Cynthia’s Garchomp and Gigantamax Togekiss and got Ash out of the spot where it seemed impossible to recover from. So, it could certainly hold out against a legendary Pokémon. 

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Final Thoughts

Ash Ketchum’s era has finally come to an end after 22 years (despite him staying 10 years old). It was a beautiful journey with a lot of things left unanswered. However, it’s Pokémon anime, so I was not expecting much, to begin with, apart from the rematch between Ash and Tobias. I know many fans would now love to witness the legendary rematch, now that Ash is the strongest trainer in the world. There is also a possibility of a feature in the new series where we may also get to see Ash growing up. But for now, that is nothing but a wishful dream.

Now, as for the list of Ash’s strongest Pokémon team ever, there have been stronger Pokémon as well but I wanted to keep the list containing only Pokémon that are common. And despite being a regular team, it is capable of destroying any trainer which would also include Tobias and that is what makes this Pokémon team a deadly one.

If you read it this far, then I suppose you’re also a big Pokémon fan. Would you like to see the rematch, if it ever happened? Also, share the name of the Pokémon you love the most in the comments!

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