Ron Kamonohashi: Deranged Detective Anime Trailer, Release Date, Cast & Staff

The popular crime mystery manga series, Ron Kamonohashi: Deranged Detective anime is confirmed to be in production after the producers dropped a mysterious trailer.  

The mysterious Detective Ron Kamonohashi is returning, except this time it is through the anime adaptation. This anime series is going to be a joy for crime and mystery lovers.

The manga series is among the notable works by Akira Amano, with other popular manga series being  Reborn and Psycho-Pass.  

Let’s get you familiar with all the details that are available on the series as well as the release date and other details on the anime series.

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Ron Kamonohashi: Deranged Detective Anime Release Date  

I’m quite certain the manga fans must have been waiting for the series to get adapted into an anime. Well, if you have already read the manga and were waiting for the anime adaptation, then the wait is almost over. The release date of the Ron Kamonohashi: Deranged Detective anime is in October 2023. As for the exact date, the producers have not released the details on it.

Ron Kamonohashi: Deranged Detective Anime Trailer – First Impressions

Here’s the trailer for the anime.

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Now, as for the first impressions, I think that the trailer had a pretty mysterious vibe to it. There were no dialogues and yet it felt impactful. This led me to believe that the anime is going to be much better than many average mainstream anime series. However, even the mainstream has been getting a lot of great plots. So, this series may have a tough run.

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Although, the comments are purely based on the first impression I made from the trailer. My intuition says that the anime would be better than I am hoping it to be. But, that can only be decided after the actual release of the deranged detective anime in October.

Ron Kamonohashi: Deranged Detective Anime Staff And Cast

Ron Kamonohashi

The official staff and cast for the Deranged Detective Anime series are also available on the original anime website. Below is the list of the staff and the voice actors for some of the characters.


  • Yohei Azakami who has given his voice to characters such as Deathpierce (7 Deadly Sins) and Masayoshi (Classroom of the Elite) will be the voice actor for Ron Kamonohashi.
  • Isshiki Totomaru will be voiced by Junya Enoki. He has also been the voice in renowned anime such as Sword Art Online, Golden Time, Noragami, Haikyu!, and many more.

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For now, these two are the only characters in the series for whom any information is officially available. As for the official production staff, here’s the list.

Production Studiodiomedia
DirectorShota Ibata
Character DesignMasakazu Ishikawa
Music ProductionKadokawa
Series ConfigurationTravel

Ron Kamonohashi: Deranged Detective Wiki

Ron Kamonohashi Deranged Detective Anime Official PV
  • Japanese Title – Kamonohashi Ron no Kindan Suiri
  • No. of Manga Volumes – 10

Ron Kamonohashi: Deranged Detective is a Japanese manga series, originally written and illustrated by Akira Amano. The serialization of the manga series began in October 2020 in the Shueisha’s Shonen Jump+. Ever since then, there have been 10 tankōbon volumes. The series has also been published in English by the same magazine. The free English and Spanish versions of the manga are available on the Manga Plus app and website.

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Deranged Detective Anime

The series centers around the detective duo of Ron Kamonohashi (protagonist) and Totomaru Isshiki. The Detective Training Academy, BLUE, saw Ron as a “Once in a millennia” genius, having the highest grades in the history of the academy. However, an incident that happened 5 years ago, led to his dismissal as a detective. Now, as he spends his time in boredom, a detective named Totomaru Isshiki partners up with Ron to solve the mysteries lurking in the dark.

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Is There An Anime For Deranged Detective?

Yes, the 1st season of Ron Kamonohashi: Deranged Detective anime is set to release in October 2023. The official announcement for the production was made in December 2022 at the Jump Festa Neo Stage.

Is Deranged Detective Ongoing?

10 tankōbon volumes for Ron Kamonohashi: Deranged Detective manga series are officially available as of April 2023. The manga series is still in continuation.   

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