Gohan’s Beast transformation was rushed?! Anime Discussion

Hello and welcome back everyone today I will be discussing and sharing my thoughts on the new transformation of Gohan that was revealed in the new Dragon Ball Super movie and is being called the Beast Form. If you have watched the movie then you must realize what transformation is being referred to here. If you haven’t then I warn you as the content ahead will contain spoilers from the DBS Superhero movie. Now, let’s get started with the discussion. 

Why was Gohan given a new transformation and what could have been better?

Gohan Beast transformation!!

However, I did enjoy the new form and it was really a joy to watch Gohan being given the attention he deserves. The point of the whole movie was not the resurrection of Cell in a lame form, but it was rather the training that Gohan felt he never needed as they had Goku and Vegeta who were getting stronger and stronger every day. And it was portrayed really well as to why Gohan needs to train again instead of relying on others in times of disaster. The purpose of this whole 100-minute movie was to make Gohan realize the importance of training himself and getting stronger and becoming possibly the strongest fighter on Earth. 

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But, I still believe that Beast form was not needed for that, instead, it should have been teased in this movie and Ultimate Gohan should have taken the stage to defeat the final boss. 

There was not even a point in making him so strong as in the end it was Piccolo who strangled Cell as Gohan dealt the final blow. Yes, he did not defeat Cell alone despite being crazy strong. If they had made him stronger then wouldn’t it have made more sense to let him have a moment of glory? But, unfortunately, the beast form was rather underutilized. 

In conclusion, either the new transformation should have been used in a better way to showcase the true strength or they could have just skipped the whole transformation and had Ultimate Gohan take the win at the end with the help of Piccolo, this end would have been a much better ending to see. But, in the end, these are my personal thoughts and yours might differ completely from mine or maybe not.  

Was Gohan’s Beast form rushed?

Gohan's Beast transformation was rushed?!

I believe that the beast form was quite rushed and that it could have been done better in the sense that Gohan had stopped training and was a total nerd and it didn’t make much sense for him to have such a big powerup out of the blue. It felt as if the transformation was just for the sake of giving Gohan a meaningful power boost in order to make him relevant again. 

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The movie was really good to watch overall, however, the part when Gohan snaps and then transforms into the beast form suddenly was not up to par. I know that he had trained for the tournament of power and had trained there, but, after the tournament ended he went back to being a nerd and went dull. 

Weakness of Beast Form Gohan

The one thing that should be noted is that the new beast transformation was only the result of Gohan snapping after seeing his friends and his mentor getting hurt. This means that he should not be able to tap into that again, at will. This is what makes the Beast Form Gohan vulnerable if he stopped training again then he might lose out on a good opportunity to finally reach a new level beyond what he has ever been to. I think Gohan will start training again and learn to control the Beast form. 

However, I would love to see him train with Goku and Vegeta and see just how much stronger he has gotten as it would surely be a sight to witness. I, for one, hope that we get to see a sparring match between Gohan and Goku or Vegeta. It is just wishful thinking but if Gohan starts training with Whis then I am sure that he will surpass Goku and Vegeta again. But, the chances of it happening seems dim. 

Final Words

To be honest, I have been a fan of Gohan ever since DBZ and it was painful to look at his state in DBS, being turned into a weak character who almost became irrelevant. The movie was able to bring back his honor and it is time that Gohan gets into the center and becomes the MC of the series. You can ignore the previous statement as it was the Gohan fan inside me talking and it was not thinking rationally. So, anyways if you would like to share your thoughts with me then let me know in the comments or you can talk to me on Instagram via my profile @theanimeguy24. See you all later, PEACE!!

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