Haikyuu!! 2-part “Final” Movie Officially announced – But what about season 5?!

Haikyuu!! Final Movie has been announced officially and the production confirmation teaser is also out

Hello everyone, I hope you all are doing fine. So, I just watched the teaser for the new Haikyuu anime movie and the good news is that the movie has been announced officially and has been confirmed to be in production. So, for all the Haikyu fans this is some excellent news. There is no doubt that this movie will be loved by Haikyu fans. However, amidst all the hype and promotions there is one thing that has left the fans of the anime confused the Haikyu production team was advertising for what seemed to be the 5th season of Haikyu!! But, with the release of the movie teaser, there is doubt whether there is going to be a sequel to the 4th season or if this movie is the sequel that the production team was hyping.

There has not been any official confirmation related to the 5th season and the fans of Haikyu!! must be feeling disappointed by it. Let’s not dive deep into the speculations and talk about the information that is available to us. So, first, let’s talk about season 5 of the Haikyu!! anime that was being expected by the fans.

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Haikyuu!! Season 5 details

After the recent events related to the promotion of the anime fans were absolutely sure that the team was working on the 5th season of Haikyu!! However, what the fans received was something different. The announcement of the 2-part “FINAL” movie and the official production confirmation teaser have also been released. The word final is most certainly an indication of the finale of the anime which means that the 2-part movie will be focusing on the final arcs of the manga.

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Although, there is a slight possibility that the final arc of the manga can also be adapted into an animated series, just as it was the case with the Mugen Train Arc which was adapted into the anime even though it already had a superhit movie. The same can also happen with Haikyu!!, however, this is just a thought and is not backed by any specific information. So, for now, all we know is that there is not going to be a season 5 of Haikyu!! anime.

“Haikyuu!! Final” Movie Official Announcement and Release Date

HAIKYU!! FINAL Officially Announced!

• The movie will consist of two part!

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As of now, I am sure that you all must have been made aware of the news of the Haikyu!! movie. It has been announced officially by the Haikyu production team and the teaser for the movie is also out confirming the production of the movie. The fans have been feeling pretty disappointed by the news as they were expecting a season 5, however, we can not rule out the possibility of it happening just yet. We might get a season 5 as well along with the movie, until then we can only hope and wait.

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As for the movie, it seems that it will not be releasing this year and that is for sure. We might get its release in the next year. However, we have to wait until any confirmation of its release date comes our way. You can follow the official site for the latest updates on the movie.

Are you happy that a 2-part movie is confirmed to be in production? Or are you still expecting the 5th season? Share your thoughts with me in the comment section or you can dm me via Instagram on my profile @theanimeguy24

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