One Punch Man season 3 officially announced!! Here is everything you need to know

One Punch Man (OPM) Season 3 Poster

Hello everyone, and today I have some great news that would bring joy to your ears. The news is the announcement of season 3 of One Punch Man anime. The news has been truly exhilarating for me and all those who have been following the One Punch Man series and reading the manga. Today, I will be talking about the potential of the anime and what we can expect now that One Punch Man has been officially announced.

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One Punch Man Season 3 Poster

The announcement of the 3rd season of One Punch Man was made via a poster that has Saitama and Garou in it. By now, the poster must have been everywhere on the internet as it is one of the most hyped anime we have been waiting for. 

One Punch Man Season 3 has been Officially Announced!

More info to be released later!

Key Visual:

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However, there are also a lot of concerns related to the release of the 3rd season as its predecessor, season 2 was a serious letdown for the anime community and this has made many anime lovers speculate whether the same might happen to this season as well. I, for one, liked the 2nd season but compared to what I was expecting it really was a letdown. So, let’s talk about some of the concerns that have been surrounding One Punch Man season 3. 

One Punch Man Season 3 concerns

One punch man season 3 is gonna be so hype if they adapt it correctly 🔥

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  • Animation 

The first major concern that ruined the second season of One Punch Man was the animation that was incorporated into the anime. I am not saying that it was so bad that you could not even watch, however, the standards that were set by the first season were failed by it miserably. That is, it clearly failed to come even close. But since, I was a big fan of the series I had somehow managed with the animation. But, I am seriously hoping that the 3rd season of One Punch Man gets the best animation that it deserves. 

  • Time of Release

We all know that the first season was a hit and the manga was also doing well, yet the second season took many years before it was finally released. One of the factors that could have resulted in that might have been the content as the manga was running very slow and they might have lacked enough content to make another season out of it. But, this time I believe there is a sufficient amount of content to be incorporated into the anime. There is only the announcement of the production of One Punch Man season 3 and no official trailer or release date has been provided to us. So, we can only hope that it might be soon. I expect that we will not get to see the release in this year and it might be released next year. However, until further confirmation, we can only wait and speculate. 

  • Pace 

This might not have been a problem to everyone who watched the second season, but, I think that the pacing of the anime was quite slow and with the third season officially announced, I hope that it will have much better pacing than season 2 of One Punch Man. 

These are some of the major issues that I feel were there in the second season of One Punch Man anime and if they get worked on in the third season then I assure you that this season is going to be a banger. Now, from here on I will be discussing information that will contain spoilers for the upcoming season of the anime. So, you can leave if you want to avoid spoilers.  

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What can you expect from One Punch Man Season 3?!

Saitama vs Garou One Punch Man

Well, the one thing you should expect from the third season is a lot of action and intense emotions. Let me tell you what I mean by that. Season 2 ended with Garou being taken to the monster lair and Saitama fighting off the centipede monster. However, if done properly, the fights in season 3 will surpass the first season and it will be by a big margin as well. The upper echelon of the monster battalion will now be up for battle and it will get troublesome even for the top-ranked heroes. Garou will also be closer to his goal of turning into the symbol of absolute evil that rules with fear. Saitama, being Saitama will keep wandering and fighting off some big shots right till the end. We will also get the chance to witness the number 1 hero and his motives that bring him to miss all the action. 

You can follow the official site for season 3 to get the latest updates on the anime.

Overall, the season will be a major part of the series and it needs to be done properly as it deserves it. I am hoping that it will exceed everyone’s expectations and will rise to the big leagues of the anime world. This is it, for now, if you have any questions or comments then let me know or dm me on Instagram via my profile @theanimeguy24 and we can even have a discussion if possible. Peace!!

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