Saitama God Mode?! – One Punch Man Manga Discussion

One Punch Man Manga Discussion. Saitama has reached a level where no one else is left to measure his strength

Hello everyone and welcome back to yet another discussion on the One Punch Man Manga, which has been on fire in the latest chapters. The latest chapter was even more amazing as it had some of the best visual panels ever throughout the series. There had been a lot of foreshadowing as well, which made me want to start this discussion in the first place. 

NOTE: The content ahead is going to contain some major spoilers from the manga and if you haven’t read the manga yet then you can distance yourself and maybe come back later after reading or you can just get spoiled. 

First, let’s talk about the developments that made this discussion get started in the first place. I am sure that by now you all must have been aware of the foreshadowing of GOD as the final villain of the manga series. But, the big question was how strong it was or if Saitama would have been able to defeat the supreme entity. However, we got some hints related to that in the latest chapter of One Punch Man manga i.e. chapter 167. Yes, we finally got to see the power that Saitama was holding back in fear of accidentally killing someone. 

We know that he was facing the Hero Hunter aka Garou as the final boss of the arc. We also got to see Garou giving up most of his humanity to become the symbol he always wanted to be. However, in that process, he ended up losing himself. If it were not for Saitama, he would have been devoured by God.

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I have said enough about the developments of the manga, now, let’s move on to the discussion on the true power of the ONE PUNCH MAN. Whatever I wrote in the title has become true as Saitama was able to unleash his god mode and was able to unlock his limitless potential as well. Now, he is not just a human who has powers beyond the most powerful beings as he was able to attain the technique of God. The point, though, remains that he was able to master the techniques of the ultimate being and also that the GOD was afraid of Saitama being actually able to learn them. 

Saitama toys with Garou as he copies the moves Garou was so proud of.

Though, it wouldn’t have been possible if Garou had not absorbed the powers of God. After, receiving those powers, he was able to polish his techniques further to the cosmic level. He had become so strong that he could destroy planets with his techniques and just his presence was a threat to all the beings, On top of that, he was also able to master the power of Saitama and also the number one hero, Blast. Just when it had looked like he was unbeatable, Saitama unleashed his full power in the moment of losing Genos. The funny thing is that what seemed the full power was just the unleashing of the power within him. He was able to reach the level where just his sneeze had managed to damage the planet Jupiter, where he was fighting Garou. Just as Garou was copying his power, he was reaching even greater heights at an exponential level, up to the point, where even Garou had started to give up. When he came back to his senses, he realized that what he couldn’t achieve even after getting the cosmic powers was achieved by Saitama with just his own strength. 


This made him want to teach the ultimate techniques of God as only he was capable of learning that by using his own strength. God did try to interrupt by taking back his powers, but it was a little too late as Saitama was able to leap back and change time with his super strength, where he was able to defeat with not just one, but Zero Punch. 


He has now reached the point where no one, not even Garou can measure up to his level despite getting the cosmic powers. The only one left that might be some challenge to him is GOD.

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Now that Saitama has reached the realm of Gods and is able to grow even more by pushing himself, I believe that it is now high time that the manga would start moving towards the finale and the ultimate showdown of God vs Saitama, which doesn’t look like a dream or a fan made manga, anymore. The fact that God didn’t want Saitama to learn even the least of the supreme techniques was clearly an indication that he was somehow afraid of Saitama and his growth and there is some reason that he is unable to fight him, as of now. The big mystery is set to be revealed and it will surely be a banger. 

Saitama vs God is going to be the ultimate finale, as per my speculation. But, what about the point in between or after the end? Do you think that there may be a huge monster appearance before the appearance of God or will we get to see a stronger foe, even stronger than God after Saitama defeats him? There are no hints to that, but, I also believe that it might take some time before the ultimate showdown arrives. so, until there is not much information, we can only speculate. 

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