Soft Anime to cure your depression

Best Slice of life anime to cure your depression

In this modern day and world, everything seems to be moving at a fast pace and things just don’t seem to settle down at all. It’s hard to stay motivated all the time and there are a lot of problems that almost everyone is facing. I know that it’s hard and everyone looks for a way out or something that can ease their pain a little so that they can work a little more and something that makes them realize that life is not that bad. Well, today I will be talking about some anime that might be able to help you with your daily stress and built-up depression. 

Without any further ado, let’s get started!

Top Slice of Life Anime to cure your depression

1. Amagami SS 

Amagami SS

Have you heard of this anime, if you haven’t then you must definitely give it a try. It contains short romance stories with the same characters but with a different perspective from those characters in the anime. All the stories are really sweet and you don’t really need a reason to be happy, or do you? 

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2. Gokufushudou


Gokufushudou or The ways of the House husband is another slice of life anime featuring a yakuza who has left the ways of the yakuza and is living an honest life, being a househusband. I am sure that this anime would make you laugh and ease your stress a little. 

3. Gakuen Babysitters

School Babysitters

Now, this is one of those anime that I can never forget. It is a really sweet anime where two siblings who have lost their parents are being taken in by a principal. The elder one, however, has to be a part of the Babysitters club of that school in exchange for being taken care of. This might seem like a sad story and it does have its sad moments that will make you cry. But, overall this anime would definitely make you feel like “Life isn’t that bad after all”. Give it a try and share your thoughts. 

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4. The Disastrous Life of Saiki K.

Saiki Kusuo no psi nan

If I have to summarise The disastrous life of Saiki K then I would say that it is the slice-of-life version of Mob Psycho. Yes, it is indeed what I just said. Can you imagine an overpowered character in a slice-of-life anime? Well, there you have it, Saiki Kusuo is just that. This anime is a lot of fun to watch and worth trying if you want to have a good laugh. 

5. If it’s for my Daughter I’d even defeat a Demon Lord

If it's for my daughter I'd even defeat a demon lord

I gave you an example of an overpowered character in a slice-of-life anime and you might have thought that it is rare to see such combos. But, this is also quite similar in that regard as the title already suggests. The strongest hero takes in a daughter of a demon and vows to raise and protect her from all the threats and prejudice due to her race. Your heart will surely melt after watching this and if it doesn’t then I guess that you might need to see a doctor…just kidding! It’s ok to have a different perspective, but I’d say that most of you will find this anime cute and wholesome to watch. So do give it a try. 

6. The Ancient Magus’ Bride

The Ancient Magus' Bride

The ancient magus’ bride is a masterpiece, in the genre of slice-of-life anime. It contains dark elements, mystery, action, and most of all, a soft story. So, basically, it has everything but it represents it in a manner that does not feel heavy and is in fact very light to watch. In my opinion, the direction of the anime was top-notch and I totally loved it. If you like good storytelling in a slice-of-life anime, then you need to give this a try and I am sure you won’t regret it.  

Final Words

This is it for the list of anime to cure your depression, there are a lot more anime like these, and I will be updating them in the future till then enjoy all these shows and ease out your life, you deserve it. If there are any thoughts that you would like to share with me then you can drop them in the comments section and if you want to have a chat with me then you can also follow me on my Instagram profile where I upload many posts and videos related to anime. My handle is @theanimeguy24 and I will see you guys there till then, PEACE!!

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