Top 12 Anime by Ufotable Productions (MAL ratings)

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Top 12 Anime (ranked) by Ufotable Productions

I’m sure you must have seen the record-breaking anime that set the benchmark when it came to animation. It was none other than Demon Slayer. Yes, I’m sure you have heard of it, at the very least, or you may have even seen it as well.

But, do you know of the production studio that made Demon Slayer?! If you haven’t then let me tell you that the studio which produced the anime was ‘UFOTABLE PRODUCTIONS’. There are a lot of great anime by Ufotable Productions that have made their way into the mainstream and are popular for their, dark setting, great animation, and art style. Ufotable has made a name for themselves among die-hard anime fans. And, even if someone doesn’t know about the studio they still would have seen their anime at some point.
This is one of the reasons why I felt like making this list as I am also a personal fan of the animation done in the anime that is produced by Ufotable productions.
So, let’s get started with the list and move on to the list of Top 12 anime by Ufotable productions, based on the MAL ratings.
Note: The ratings and ranking used in the list are based on my opinion and are solely based on the ranking provided by the My Anime List (MAL).
12. Fate Stay Night: Unlimited Blade works
At number 12, we have an edition of the famous Fate series which was quite known and has seen a lot of sequels as well as spin-offs.
This is the same story from Fate Stay Night and is shown from a different timeline or we can say that it was an alternate world of the original fate stay series. If I had to share my personal opinion then I’d say that it was the worst series by far of all the three alternate universe stories. It is the only Fate series including the spin-offs as well, that I had fast-forwarded and skipped a lot just to finish it somehow.
But, since it has been given a high rating and the animation was also quite decent then you might enjoy the anime. Fate Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works is one anime that I’d recommend only if you want to complete the whole Fate franchise without leaving anything or you are just curious to know more about the show.
MAL Rating : 8.19
MAL Ranking: #342
11. Fate Zero

At number 11, we have yet another anime from the Fate franchise. It is known as Fate Zero and is the prequel to the Fate Stay Night series. Even though it was released after Fate Stay Night, it is the prequel to the series and you can easily say that it is the first animated series, if we go by the timeline of the anime. Even though it was released in 2010, it is by far one of the best in the whole Fate Series. The animation was superb, and the story was quite thrilling up till the end and was really exciting to watch.
The characters and the story portrayal were also great. I’d say that you can definitely give the anime a try and you won’t regret watching it.
MAL Rating : 8.29
MAL Ranking: #246
10. Fate Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works 2nd season
As I have already mentioned that anime is not one that I would suggest to anyone unless he/she wants to complete every anime of the franchise or simply want to watch it. The 2nd season of Unlimited Blade Works was also not much better but there are some revelations that you didn’t get to see in any other timeline. The main character of the anime also has some mystery that was revealed in this edition of the anime. There are also some fights that you might have wanted to see in the first universe of Fate Stay but were denied. You can watch those match-ups this season, some of them at least.
MAL Rating : 8.32
MAL Ranking: #217
9. Demon Slayer Mugen Train Arc
The 2nd season of Demon Slayer adapted the Mugen Train arc as well in the first 7 episodes. The later part was the adaption of the ‘Entertainment District arc’. The movie was groundbreaking but there were some scenes that were skipped in the movie. So, they had to re-adapt the whole movie and add the necessary details that were missing in the movie. It is not much different from the movie. But, for those who have read the manga, it was quite noticeable. The 2nd season has made the arc much more detailed if we look at the storyline. Although, not much is different in the animation and you will enjoy it just as much as the movie. If you have watched the movie then you can even fast forward the arc or simply skip it. But, it’s your choice if you prefer small details or can afford to skip them.
My suggestion is that it is worth trying even if you have watched the movie. So you can go for it or maybe not, hehe!
MAL Rating : 8.39
MAL Ranking: #171
8. The Garden of Sinners Movie 7
I haven’t yet got the chance to watch the whole series but since it is made by Ufotable, I am sure that it must be really good to watch and in fact, I have kept it on my wish list as well. So, it must be a movie worth watching.
I am sure that it was suggested by someone and had a good story as well but it looks like I had forgotten about it. But, let’s keep that aside, I will attach links to the trailer of the garden of sinners movie 7 anime so that you can see it for yourself and check if you should watch it or not. Although I’d say that it can definitely be given a try.
It is also one of those rare movies that is based on the dark genre, there have been dark anime made by Ufotable before as well. But, they were not specifically put into the dark genre. However, the case is different with this anime franchise.
MAL Rating : 8.41
MAL Ranking: #157
7. Fate Stay Night Heaven’s feel 2: Lost Butterfly
Fate Stay Night Heaven’s Feel is the third and final edition of the Fate Stay Night timeline/universe. This edition is further divided into movies having 3 parts. This is the 2nd part of that series and this is the part that is the most chilling in the entire fate franchise. The emotional catch was one big thing worth noting despite that the studio is known for great animation. And even the animation was really top-notch in this series. Out of all the three timelines, this one is definitely my favorite and I’d suggest that you watch all three movies of this series.
The darker elements remain the highlight of the second movie of Heaven’s feel series.
MAL Rating : 8.52
MAL Ranking: #107
6. Demon Slayer
Ever since the blockbuster movie from the Demon Slayer franchise had been released it has only made anime fans watch more of it. The first season of the popular franchise was what had set the base for the popularity of the major hit Mugen Train movie. The hype was created because its first season had set a benchmark that had raised the bar for the movie. But, let’s not talk much about the movie and talk a little about the anime itself.
It was a beautiful anime to watch with beautiful and mesmerizing visuals. The voice acting was on point. The animation was simply amazing as well, it all adds up and makes this anime sensational anime. The intensity in each scene can be felt by you. The characters were shown to have a lot of depth as well. I can’t really find anything that I didn’t like in the first season of the demon slayer anime, apart from the fact that it was set up in a fantasy world with the historic setup of Japan. But, even that is not something that you can’t like as it is the very factor that has given the anime the aesthetic feels. I’d say that it is the best anime of the Demon Slayer franchise.
 I can go on more about it but it’d be too long so let’s keep it for some other time.
MAL Rating – 8.54
MAL Ranking – #100
5.The Garden of Sinner Movie 5

Again, it is one of those movies by the production house that I haven’t been able to watch yet. But I do have the wish to complete the whole Garden of Sinners series. Hopefully, I will be able to, someday.

But, since I am sharing the movie with you let me brief you a little on the story.
So, apparently, there is a homicide at an apartment in Japan. The murderer has fled the scene. However, what catches the eye of the murderer is that no one has been reported in the media and even the police are not chasing him. This makes him feel a little weird. Even his mother is alive whom he thought to be dead and was sure that she was dead. There is an investigator who is interested in the murders that happened at the apartment and he is about to unveil a shocking truth about that apartment. And if you want to know then go and watch the movie.
Heck! even I’m intrigued by the description and might end up watching it.
The dark theme and the tone is quite obvious and you should definitely give it a try especially if you are a fan of dark thrillers, like me.
MAL Rating – 8.54
MAL Ranking – #98
4. Fate: Zero 2nd season
This is the continuation and also the finale of the Fate Zero series. There were many teasers in the first season of the anime. The second season had those revelations that were teased in the first one. There is also the connection of the Fate Zero series to the main series ‘Fate Stay Night.
This makes it obvious that this is the prequel even though it was released afterward. The character development of the characters from the first season was really great and the storyline felt much better than Fate Stay Night. Although, it is just my personal opinion so there’s no need to be offended by it (if you were).
As I said earlier do watch the anime, it is definitely worth the time.
MAL Rating – 8.56
MAL Ranking – #88
3. Demon Slayer Mugen Train
This iconic movie is what has made the anime as well as the production to have its popularity skyrocket which was already very high. The first season of Demon Slayer was a superhit but the movie that featured the Mugen train arc was much ahead of its predecessor as it broke through every record and that too when there was a lockdown happening all around the world. You can only imagine the hype that was received by this superb anime action thriller. The climax of the movie was so intense and so well done that it’s almost unbelievable. Ufotable had really taken it to a whole new level with this masterpiece of animation.
This is a must-try if you want a movie with visuals that are just too good to watch.
MAL Rating – 8.66
MAL Ranking – #60
2. Fate Stay Night Heaven’s Feel 3: Spring Song
This is the third and final edition of the Heaven’s Feel movie in the Fate franchise. And….trust me, this entire series had moved me to tears. It was really good, the depth of characters and their development, the story, and the animation were top-notch as well. The plot was really well made and I couldn’t help myself but feel this masterpiece of a movie. I know that you may or may not agree with the opinion but truthfully, I absolutely loved the movie and it was the best of the Fate franchise, for me.
I’d say that it is second best in the Ufotable production movies do give it justice and any lower wouldn’t cut it. In fact, I would have given it the top spot if I were the one ranking it.
So, give it a try and let me know how it was.
MAL Rating – 8.71
MAL Ranking – #47
1. Demon Slayer Entertainment District Arc(2nd Season) 

This anime was in a lot of hype after the movie broke down the records and created new milestones that may not be broken down by any anime anytime soon. And…, the fact still remains that the animation of the whole Demon Slayer series has been top of the line, and the popularity and hype created by the
Entertainment District Arc
has really been served justice by the actual release of the 2nd season. We get to see more about the other Hashiras and how strong they really are and the character development of the main trio i.e Tanjiro,  Zenitsu, and Inosuke. Although, the storytelling intensity that was there in the first season has not been matched and it may never be matched since the rest of the series is more about Shounen and less about the story and character development. But, it doesn’t mean that the anime has lost its charm or is less impressionable. In fact, the production of the anime has been so good that you won’t feel the lower character development as it has coped up with much better intensity in every scene of the anime. It will be just as engaging as the previous edition of Demon Slayer.

So, there’s not much to worry about and you will enjoy the show unless you’re a critic who doesn’t enjoy good animation with a decent story. Just kidding! Go and give it a try if you haven’t.
MAL Rating – 8.87
MAL Ranking – #23
Now, let’s move on to the part where I share my thoughts and what I would have done to the top 3 rankings.
My Top 3 Ufotable anime
Most of these anime are in the right place and there can be a little changes, so, I will tell you what I would have ranked in the top 3
1. Fate Stay Night Heaven’s Feel
2. Demon Slayer
3. Fate Zero
This is what I’d say were the top 3 series. What do you think? Do you agree or would make changes?

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