Top Manhwas that are definitely worth Reading

Best Manhwas to Read

Top Manhwas that you should definitely Read

Hello everyone, How are you all doing?! It has been a long time since I started reading manhwas. I still remember the aspect that made me want to read them, and that was their colors. Yes, the one thing that sets them aside from mangas is their colors and that was an interesting thing for me as that was also the phase where I was getting bored with reading mangas. Ever since I have read a lot of manhwas and am eager to share them with those who haven’t yet started or are looking for some suggestions.

This is the reason why I wanted to make this list so that I can share some of the best manhwas that I have read with you all. If you are one of those who haven’t started reading manhwas yet or are looking for some new suggestions then fret not as I have got you covered.

1. Tower of God

Tower of God manhwa
Tower of God

Tower of God is the first manhwa that I had started reading and I assure you that it was every bit worth it. In fact, I was so indulged in it that I had been reading it for 7-8 hours straight every day or even more as I can’t recall how long but I know that I was really hooked.

It is a story of a boy who ventures into an unknown tower in search of the only person that he knew and cared about. It is a story of his adventures, where he experiences betrayal, makes a lot of friends, fights for them, and goes higher up the tower as he uncovers many secrets of the tower. If you like a good plot and story development then this is a must-read for you. It is a complete package with a lot of story and character development and many other elements. Give it a try. 

2. God of High School

God of High School manhwa
God Of High School

This manhwa was also one of those that were very popular and it is still quite popular among the manhwa fans. The story is of a boy who is the reincarnation of the god that was able to shake even the heavens and his might was feared by many of the gods. 

The boy goes on a journey to become the strongest martial artist and trains with his grandfather who is the strongest human on earth. As he went on his journey to win the tournament to become the strongest, he was also able to make many friends and they fights side by side against their common enemies. It is a really good manhwa to read for those who love action and adventure. 

3. Solo Leveling

Solo Leveling manhwa
Solo Leveling

I am sure that there can not be a manhwa lover that has not heard of this name. Solo Leveling has been among the favorites for a long time and the fans who were waiting for the anime will also get to witness this great manhwa get adapted into an anime. It is said to have some of the best visuals ever in a manhwa and is one of the coolest development for the MC. This manhwa is a must-read as well if you want to delve deeper into the world of manhwas. 

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4. Nano Machine

Nano Machine Manhwa
Nano Machine

The plot of Nano Machine is quite unique as the MC is visited by his descendant from the future. The descendant injects him with nanomachines and then the MC sets on the path to becoming the strongest martial artist. It is an amazing manhwa to read and is still ongoing. You should definitely give this a try. 

5. Gosu

Gosu Manhwa

Gosu is among the few manhwas that have been completed, so you can read it without any worries and rest assured that there are no cliffhangers. It is a story of a disciple’s revenge for his master, however, when he discovers that the killers are dead he gets confused and has no idea where to move on. This manhwa is a top-rated one and is one of the best that you might ever come across. 

6. Mercenary Enrolment

Mercenary Enrolment Manhwa
Mercenary Enrolment

Mercenary Enrolment is an ongoing manhwa that is in no way relatable, however, it is really good. The plot of the story is that a young boy gets stuck on an island and when he sees no other option he gets into training as a mercenary. Many years later, when he goes back to his homeland, he has to start living as a normal student which seems to be a difficult thing for him. You can witness his journey and some good action with a decent plot when you start reading this manhwa. It is a simple story and you might like it as well. 

7. Begininning after the End

Beginning after the End Manhwa
Beginning after the End

If you enjoy isekai with a strong MC, then beginning after the end is just tailor-made for you. However, it is so much more than this. It has a great story on top of the overpowered MC, dark plots, and many mysteries and to some extent, it also showcases reality in its truest sense. It is a really good manhwa that you need to definitely try.  

Final Thoughts

I am sure that each of these manhwas will be very interesting for you to read and you will definitely enjoy reading these. I will also be bringing more manhwa suggestions and reviews in the future, so stay tuned and read the above manhwas until then. 

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