Characters other than Saitama who can stand up against Boros

Hello everyone, I hope you all are doing well. So, recently I was going through the fight between Saitama and Boros which was so pleasing to watch again. It was then that a question came to mind that just how strong Boros really was. We only saw him fight Saitama which was a really high bar for him, but, if he were to fight any of the other heroes then would they have been able to fight toe to toe with him? I gave some thought to it and listed some of the possible characters that would have been able to stand up to Boros if they were to fight him.

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1. Blast 


Now, this was the first option that came into my mind and after I witnessed Blast in the recent manga chapters, I was sure that he would have been able to go toe to toe against Boros, though it might not be as dominating as Saitama. But, I believe that he is one of the few characters in One Punch Man who would have been able to defeat Boros in a 1v1 fight.

2. Cosmic Garou

Cosmic Garou

This is the only character that I am certain would decimate Boros if they were to fight 1 on 1. We have witnessed just how strong Cosmic Garou was, being the only one capable of pushing Saitama to an extreme and making him evolve to an unimaginable level. He might be the only one on this list who is capable of defeating Boros in a similar fashion as Saitama did.

3. Platinum Sperm

Platinum Sperm

If it were only golden sperm I might not have thought of including him on the list, however, I think that Platinum Sperm was much superior to Golden Sperm and I think that with his super strength and agility, he could be a good matchup for Boros. I can’t say for sure that he would be able to defeat Boros but I am pretty sure that it will definitely be a good fight.

4. Psyko-Orochi


I am pretty sure Psyko-Orochi was much more powerful than Psykos or Orochi and even though I lack the evidence that can support it, being capable of beating Boros, however, it is safe to say that just like Platinum Sperm it will be a good match and I believe that it might even be a better match than that though it is all speculation without evidence.

5. Tatsumaki 


I am quite sure that if nothing else Tatsumaki should be able to face and damage Boros to a certain extent. However, it might not be enough to defeat the space warrior Boros. If she really was capable of defeating Boros then I don’t think that they might have pushed Saitama for that battle, as we all know that he only shows up at times when all hope seems lost.

Final Words

The conclusion is that Boros is definitely among the top 5 strongest characters in One Punch Man and there are only a few capable to even stand up against him let alone defeat him. In the future though, we might see some characters that are on par or even stronger than Boros. But, until then we can only wait to see it happening. If there is any other character that you think is capable of defeating Boros or can give a good fight then do mention it in the comments.

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