Major Things you could not have missed in DBS Superhero Movie!!

Dragon Ball Super Superhero important things worth noting

You all must have been aware of the success of the new Dragon Ball Super movie: DBS Superhero, which was launched recently and was able to rise to the top in almost no time. It became the top-grossing movie at the US box office and also made it to the list of the best-performing anime movies worldwide. It was a joy to watch especially for the Gohan fans and it could not have come at a better time than this as we were getting some big anime releases. Now, keeping that aside, when I was watching the movie there were a few things that I found worth noting that people may have missed while watching it and some of them were simply too good to be ignored. So, I will try to talk about all those details that I found noteworthy.

Things that were noteworthy in DBS Superhero

  • Broly is also training with Whis alongside Goku and Vegeta
Broly training with Whis

In the early parts of the movie, we got to see one of the most improved or rather improvised characters in Dragon Ball history who was the center of the previous DBS film. However, as we were all teased that Broly was being trained by Goku but the twist was that Broly had been living on the planet where Beerus resides and the reasoning was given by Goku that it was the only place where Frieza would not chase him. Nonetheless, he is being trained in the art of combat by Whis and is trying to control the powers he possesses. If he were to gain control over his powers then there is no doubt that he would surely become one of the greatest assets for the universe 7.

  • Gohan stopped training (again)
Gohan left training after TOP

Now, this is no big news to us as it has been the case with Gohan for quite a long time and even though they had just got out of the tournament of power and the threat of Broly, he still believed that Goku and Vegeta would be able to solve everything and leaves his training. However, one good thing was that Piccolo realises this and tried to get him back to shape again and was quite successful. However, he got much more than he expected as Gohan was able to transform into his beast form which is much stronger than all of his previous ones. Being a Gohan fan I would love to see him in action once again using that transformation. Also, he was able to realize that he needs to keep up his training in cases of emergency when he has no one else to protect the people he loves.

  • Vegeta confirmed that Jiren was not stronger than Goku or Vegeta
Vegeta confirmed that he and Goku were as strong as Jiren

Vegeta is one of those characters that deserve the most appreciation, but always ends up playing second fiddle despite reaching a level as high as Goku and it was showcased in this movie as well. Vegeta realized that the difference between their strength and Jiren was the application of strength. They were just as strong as Jiren but still got beaten because he was much more efficient in using his power is what was implied by Vegeta as he was complimented by Whis. But, later on, those smarts were put to waste as Goku was still able to match Vegeta despite him having the technical advantage. I do want that, for once, Vegeta gets to take on the final moments of glory instead of Goku but it may never happen and will just remain wishful thinking until then.

  • Android 1 and 2’s heads were designed according to their numbers
Gamma 1 and 2 in Dragon Ball Super Superhero

Now, I am not sure how many people noticed this but android 1 and 2 had spikes on their heads according to their numbers and it was that 1 had one spike and 2 had two spikes on his head. It was something interesting to note and it took me some time to realize this. Also, they were designed to be the heroes of justice as you could see from the fight between Piccolo and Android 2 where piccolo was able to hear the sound effects that were also being displayed for us, in between their fight.

  • Piccolo carried the film
Piccolo carried DBS Superhero

This is something that became obvious as the movie progressed further and further. Most screen time was given to Piccolo and he did a really good job in using that screen time well. He was shown to be the trainer/caretaker of Pan and it is not even a meme at this point that Piccolo is the actual father of Gohan and now the Grandfather to Pan. He was also an infiltrator in the Red Ribbon Army so that he could get more information from the inside. He also planned to make Gohan realize the need of training himself and did a great job at it with the help of Pan. Almost all of the relevant things were carried out by Piccolo and he deserved to be called the carrier of Dragon Ball Super: Superhero.

  • Dr. Hedo was not an evil character
Dr. Hedo in DBS Superhero

Despite being the grandson of Dr. Gero and working with the Red Ribbon Army, Dr. Hedo was not a villainous character and had aligned himself with the Red Ribbon Army only because of his finances. In the end, he was taken in by Bulma in Capsule Corp. for her weird wishes that you all must be quite aware of.

Final Thoughts

There were a lot of things that I loved in this movie and there were a few as well that I didn’t. But, overall I enjoyed the movie a lot and there were some interesting revelations that I found and mentioned. If there is any that I missed then let me know in the comment section down below and thank you very much for reading up to this point. I’ll see you again later, Peace!!

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