Dragon Ball Super: Superhero Movie Review | Is It worth watching

DBS (Dragon Ball Super) SuperHero Movie Review

Hello everyone, I am back with another anime review today it is going to be the top-grossing movie that has every anime fan excited with its success at the box office worldwide and it is as the title mentioned, Dragon Ball Super: Superhero. It was recently released at my place and I went to watch it as soon as I could. One thing I can tell you is that you will definitely enjoy your time watching it…, I certainly did. Anyways let’s get started with the review of DBS Superhero.

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Dragon Ball Super: Superhero Review

I would like to start with the fact that even though this was a Gohan movie, the driving factor of the movie was Piccolo. It won’t be wrong to say that Piccolo was the lead in this movie. Gohan’s role was to be the finisher and the prime attraction of the movie. The sort of attraction that you save for last because of the hype and to give time to other attractions.

Gohan Beast Form

The plot of the movie was not much and it was more about the action and the training of a martial artist. The Red Ribbon Army was a tool to do just that and as Dr. Gero had died they had used his grandson for their schemes. However, it was surprising to see that he was not a villainous character like his grandfather used to be. I was sure that he might be an evil genius who would help the Red Ribbon Army.

Even though the story was not much, I loved the cinematography, the direction, and the pacing. At no point did I feel like it was getting boring. Every second of watching it was appealing to me and I was able to thoroughly enjoy the action and the comedy in between. With Piccolo driving the movie and Gohan ending the show in style, everything was captivating and as a Gohan fan, I could not ask for more.  The building up of events to lead to the final villain was also done very well, although I won’t say that it was superb, given the fact that this is Dragon Ball we are talking about, you can definitely see the work that was put on in its story building. The one thing that I did not enjoy as much was the ending of the movie. It does not mean that the ending was bad, it was not just satisfactory to me personally although that is a topic for my next discussion. But, the ending did serve the purpose it was meant to be if I set aside my personal opinion. Overall I enjoyed the movie in every way possible and want to see more of Gohan in the Dragon Ball Super series. 

My Rating – 7/10

Were Android 1 and 2 bad? Were they strong?

How strong are Android 1 and 2?!

Given the context of the movie, the androids were not bad and were programmed by Hedo to be like heroes of justice. However, they were duped into thinking they were doing good aligning with the Red Ribbon Army. They did end up turning into heroes at the end as they fought alongside Gohan and Piccolo. In terms of strength, however, they were definitely strong and even Piccolo had no chance of defeating them until he awakened his latent abilities. Since Gohan had not fought for a long time, it would be difficult to say if they were on the level of Ultimate Gohan or not, however, I assume that they were stronger than android 17 and 18 given their showcase of power.  

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Final Words: Is it worth Watching?

I have no qualms about the fact that DBS Superhero was able to get into the top-grossing movie at the US Box Office and is also making a name worldwide. It also proved that an average story can also make it to the top if it is executed well and in this case, it was done really well and it totally deserved all the hype. There were a few elements that could have been done better, but apart from that the movie is worth watching and if you haven’t watched it yet then do so asap. You can comment down below to share your thoughts with me or you can dm me on Instagram via my profile @theanimeguy24. See you all later, Peace!! 

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