Garou was the Key to unlocking Saitama’s God mode | Here’s how!!

One Punch Man manga has never been more hyped than it did in the last couple of months. The clash between the polar opposites, Saitama and Garou has also reached its conclusion and if I’m being honest then it blew my mind more than I expected. The result may have been an obvious one, but the events that transpired were totally unexpected.

Saitama was able to reach a level that is even more incomprehensible than how he previously was and I believe that the major reason for it was the involvement of Garou in this arc. If it wasn’t for Garou then Saitama may not have become capable of standing up to the final villain ‘GOD’, despite how overpowered he was. So, let’s discuss just how much important was Garou in the godly development of Saitama.

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Saitama never understood his potential

Given that Saitama was too strong for even the mightiest, the fact remained that he never understood and utilized his own potential. Even though he is much stronger than Bang, in terms of technique he was nowhere near. Saitama also didn’t have any techniques that could mix well with his super strength.

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Here is where Garou comes in as he did not just act as his enemy. But, he was also the key that let Saitama tap into his unlimited potential. This is also totally in line with Saitama’s theory that humans have the ability to change and that mindset might have been the key to Saitama’s limitless strength that can even rival and may even surpass a god.

Garou mentored Saitama


The technique was something that Saitama lacked and he made that up with his insane strength, but we should also realize that strength alone might not be enough to defeat GOD as he still possessed a mortal body. This is why learning to use his strength to reach the realm of gods is something that he definitely needed. Bang could not bring himself to do the job because he was not strong enough.

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However, that is not the case with Garou as possessing Cosmic powers on top of his genius was something that made him stand out and made him the deadliest enemy so far. Even Saitama had to stop holding back as he was strong enough for him to unleash his full strength. Soon as his cosmic powers were taken away, Garou realized that Saitama is the only one who can reach the level of a God without actually giving away his humanity.

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This made him the perfect candidate to teach Saitama the cosmic technique he learnt when he held cosmic powers. Saitama was already a broken character and now he is even more broken and might be the only one capable of fighting GOD.

  • Conclusion

Garou was one of the best villains ever and his ideology may not be well-liked but his intent was definitely not evil as it has been showcased many times in the manga as well. He became the ultimate obstacle and mentor to Saitama and that made it possible for him to reach a whole new level that no one else could have been capable of achieving. With all said and done the One Punch Man might be ready for the final challenge. However, there might still be a lot of stuff to happen before that. So, let’s just wait for it, and until then, Peace!!

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