20 Highest Bounties in One Piece (Post Wano arc)!!

One Piece Top Bounties after Wano

One Piece has been running for a long time and is among the high-rated all-time anime. It has been running for a long time with more than 1000 manga chapters and anime episodes. The pirates in the world of One Piece are evaluated on the scale of their bounties i.e bounties in One Piece are a measuring parameter of the Navy. The bounty may not accurately describe their strength and involvement and is majorly a method for the navy to label the pirates that are a threat to them and the World Government. The higher the bounty, the bigger a threat they are to them.

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The Wano Arc was recently completed in the manga and many of the characters’ bounties were updated. Now, let me be clear that there are still a lot of bigshots whose bounties have not yet been revealed, for eg. Rayleigh from the Roger Pirates or Yasopp and Ben Beckman from the Red hair Pirates. This list is going to contain the top 20 bounties post-Wano Arc. So, let’s get started!

Top 20 Bounties in One Piece (Post Wano Arc)

20. Sanji (Straw Hat Pirates)

Sanji - One Piece

Sanji, with a bounty of 1.032 Billion has taken 20th place on the list of Bounties. Being a true gentleman, Sanji never lays a hand on any women and has saved the Straw Hats many times using his wits and courage. He may be a great chef, but those, who have underestimated him know very well not to mess with our lover boy. Being a master chef, he never uses his hands in a fight and only fights using his legs but that never stopped him from reaching a bounty of more than a billion berries.

19. Katakuri (Big Mom Pirates)

Charlotte Katakuri

At number 19, we have Charlotte Katakuri with a bounty of 1.057 Billion Berries. Being a commander and one of the strongest members of the Big Mom Pirates, it is no wonder his bounty is so high. However, there have not been many changes in his bounty ever since the Whole Cake Island arc, and has almost remained the same. But, having a bounty of more than a billion berries is still a feat that not many pirates are capable of achieving.

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18. Jinbe (Straw Hat Pirates)

Jimbei - One Piece

The first son of the sea and former Warlord and member of the Sun Pirates, Jinbe is next on the list, with a bounty of 1.1 Billion Berries. He is a member of the Fishmen Tribe and became a member of the Straw Hats a lot later in the series and is the most recent member of Luffy’s crew. Fishmen are already much stronger than normal Humans and Jinbe is the cherry on top. With his strength and devotion to Luffy, he managed to make his place in the club of Pirates with more than 1 Billion Berry.

17. Zoro (Straw Hat Pirates)

Zoro - One Piece

The second strongest member of the crew and a total beast, Zoro is at 17 on the list with a bounty of 1.111 Billion Berries. If I had to choose a character with the highest endurance without any devil fruit powers, then it’s definitely going to be this guy. He is not just a strong swordsman but also one of the earliest members of Straw Hats. Given that he is so bad at geographical direction, it’s quite ironic how he has been a guide to Luffy and has always prevented him from going astray. His willpower is also second to none and his use of Conqueror Haki in the Wano Arc is proof enough of that and that makes him the second crewmember to be able to use Conqueror Haki.

16. Queen (Beast Pirates)

Queen Beast Pirates

One of the three commanders of the Beast Pirates and being the left-hand man of Kaido, Queen takes the 16th spot on the list with a bounty of 1.32 Billion Berries. He is a user of the ancient devil fruit and is a scientist on top. This deadly combination of brains and brawns is what took him to those heights.

15. Marco (Whitebeard Pirates)

marco the phoenix

Marco is an OG pirate and was also a commander of the Whitebeard Pirates. With a bounty of 1.372 Billion Berries, he has occupied 15th place. His devil fruit is a very unique type that is a zoan type but also acts as Logia sometimes. Given that his avatar of devil fruit is a phoenix there is no doubt that he must possess some insane healing powers, which he did have.

14. King (Beast Pirates)

Beast Pirates - King

Similar to Queen, King is also a commander of the Beast Pirates and has the highest bounty, of 1.39 Billion Berries, among the three Beast Pirate commanders and is only second to Kaido in the crew. He is also an ancient zoan devil fruit user and is the right-hand man of Kaido. Being the strongest commander, it totally makes sense to have such a high bounty.

13. Hancock (Kuja Pirates)

hancock kuja pirates

The most charming female in One Piece, Boa Hancock is next on the list with a bounty of 1.659 Billion Berries. Not only is she beautiful, but is also a former warlord who fell in love with the captain of the Straw Hats. Her bounty was revealed to be this high after the system of Warlords was eradicated and all the warlords were turned into regular pirates.

12. Crocodile (Baroque Works)


The infamous warlord and a pirate who was also the leader of the crime syndicate known as Crocodile was the first warlord to be shown in the series. He possesses the Logia type devil fruit known as the Sand-Sand fruit which gives him the power to freely control sand and the capability of turning his body into the sand as well. Given that his initial bounty was very low, it might be shocking to see such a high bounty of 1.965 Billion Berries so suddenly.

11. Eustass Kid (Kid Pirates)

Eustass Kid

Captain of the Kid pirates and one of the most renowned in the worst generation, Eustass Kid who played an active part in the battle against the two Yonko has seen a rise in his bounty after the Wano arc. He even challenged Shanks soon as he entered New World and lost his arm in the process, so he definitely is a gutsy pirate for sure. His bounty is currently 3 Billion Berries and there was even a point before the time skip when he had a higher bounty than Luffy. It’s no wonder that he got such a high bounty after defeating Big Mom.

10. Trafalgar Law (Heart Pirates)

Tra Guy

Law is another renowned pirate from the worst generation who also wields the will of D and is the captain of the Heart Pirates. He possesses the Op-Op fruit and had ties with the infamous Doflamingo as well. Even though it was not a positive relation. He is a highly skilled doctor and his devil fruit makes him capable of treating even the worst of diseases. Given his lineage and the well-suited devil fruit, he is indeed one of the best doctors in the world of One Piece. After assisting Kid in defeating Big Mom he was also given a high bounty of 3 Billion Berries.

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9. Luffy (Straw Hat)

Monkey D. Luffy

The most renowned pirate in the worst generation, spreading his wings of freedom wherever he went and the embodiment of Freedom itself, Monkey D. Luffy, with a bounty of 3 Billion Berries has now reached the level of Yonko. With his grand Straw Hat fleet, he is now in leagues with the most powerful pirates. The future king of pirates is now closer to his dream now that he has defeated the strongest creature in the world, Kaido. He also possesses a very rare devil fruit which was earlier thought to be paramecia and was later revealed by the five elders to be the mythical zoan fruit possessing the spirit of the Sun God: Nika. There is still a long way to go for the captain of the Straw Hats but he will surely get there.

8. Buggy

Buggy Bounty

Buggy The clown has been the most unpredictable and luckiest character in all of One Piece. He also never failed to use the might of being a crew member of Roger Pirates even though he is a very weak character. The misunderstanding and his ties with some of the big names are what has gotten him this far. He even became a Warlord and then Yonko with sheer luck. Currently with a bounty of 3.189 Billion Berries. He might also be the only character in the history of One Piece to receive such a high bounty despite being weak.

7. Mihawk

dracule mihawk bounty

The world’s strongest swordsman, Dracule Mihawk with a bounty of 3.59 Billion Berries, is also a character with unknown origins and there has been no official information related to his past as well. All we know is that he is the current greatest swordsman who is on par with the Yonkos. This is reason enough for him to have a high bounty. He is also a rival of Shanks and they often clash together and the roars of their battle is very wide and known.

6. Blackbeard (Blackbeard Pirates)

Blackbeard Bounty

The mystery man and the most ambitious villain in the series, Blackbeard, has a bounty of 3.996 Billion Berries. He is also the only character ever to possess two devil fruits at the same time without losing his sanity. There is still no clarity as to what his real ambitions are, but still, I can say that we are definitely in for a big surprise. The revelation of his mystery might be very shocking and as to what the mystery may be… only time can tell.

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5. Shanks (Red Hair Pirates)

Shanks Bounty

Shanks is probably the strongest character in One Piece, at the moment with a high bounty of Billion Berries. The straw hat was, passed down to him by the King of Pirates which he later passed to Luffy. Shanks is not just a fierce Yonko but is also well respected even among the upper echelon of the Navy. With the recent developments, he might be very close to reaching the One Piece and becoming the next King of Pirates as Luffy still has a long way to go before he can reach that level.

4. Big Mom (Big Mom Pirates)

Big Mom Bounty

Charlotte Linlin aka Big Mom, captain of Big Mom pirates is at number 4.388 on this list with a bounty of Billion Berries. She is also a former member of Rocks Pirates and loves sweets. She also has a vast network which makes her capable of possessing even the most secret information.

3. Kaido (Beast Pirates)

Kaido Bounty

Kaido is said to be the strongest creature in the world with a bounty of 4.611 Billion Berries. This title was given due to the resilient and strong physique that made him almost undefeatable until he was recently defeated by Luffy. However, it is safe to say that Luffy couldn’t have defeated him had he not received help. Even though he has been defeated, it won’t change the fact that he was still one of the most fearsome Yonko.

2. Whitebeard (Whitebeard Pirates)

Whitebeard Bounty

Edward Newgate aka Whitebeard has a bounty of 5.046 Billion Berries. He was also a member of the Rocks Pirates and a few years after he left, he was hailed as the strongest man on Earth. He also had taken possession of many territories to protect them and that alone tells us how respectable and feared he was as no one dared to lay a hand on the land taken in by him as long as he was alive. Whitebeard was truly a man of honor and protected everyone under him.

1. Gol D Roger (Roger Pirates)

Gol D. Roger Bounty

The first King of Pirates needs no introduction and just like Luffy always says that he was not the most important person on the seas but rather the freest. Up until now, his crew is the only one who has seen the end of Grand Line and discovered the 100-year history void and its mysteries. From the information that is available to us, we can safely say that he was a similar sort of character to Luffy. He had a bounty of 5.5648 Billion Berries.

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