One Punch Man (OPM) Manga chapter 166 Review and Discussion | Blast vs Garou?!

As you all know the latest chapter of the One Punch Manga is out and the hype that it created is real. The chapter was really fire and I can’t contain my excitement and share with you my thoughts on the chapter and what I think can happen in the future.
So, without any further ado let’s get started!

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Blast appears? Blast vs Garou? 

This section is going to be really hyped so fasten your seat belts to hear the action that went on in the latest chapter of the One Punch Man manga.

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Garou has finally gone into cosmic mode after receiving powers from what appears to be the final villain in the series, GOD. It appeared in front of Garou in his consciousness and gave him the powers but was not able to take away his consciousness completely. This was also mentioned by Blast after appearing from another dimension. He also mentioned the fact that if he had given up his consciousness completely then he would have been an even more dangerous threat.

As Blast realizes the threat that is posed by Garou he immediately warns him and all others that just his presence alone can kill a normal person. But, even then the hero Silver Fang steps up to stop his apprentice from turning into evil completely. Knowing full well that he is beyond his powers and cannot be defeated by anyone else. So blast takes charge upon him and takes him into another dimension so that his radiation can not cause harm.

But, as the situation seems even Blast feels that Garou is too much for him to take. We then transition to Genos making yet another attempt at Garou. Let’s talk about it as well.

Saitama’s flashback with Genos

We see Genos jumping the gun on Garou in a messed-up state. He was also resistant to toxic radiation, apart from Blast. Garou attacks his body and destroys his core in a single strike. Just then Saitama finally appears. He saw the core, holding it in his hand and going into the flashback with Genos. In the flashback, you can see that Genos was praising Saitama for being able to reach on time anytime there is a disaster anywhere. Saitama replies that it’s the complete opposite and that he is never on time.

We can understand why he remembered this phrase as he was yet again late and was not able to save anyone from Garou. This got him riled up as we finally see him unleashing his serious series killer move.

Garou is able to copy Saitama and starts to prepare for retaliation as well. Not just him, he has copied the moves of Blast as well and amplified them to do much larger damage.

All we know is that this fight is going to be a great one and once animated it might even become a legendary animation fight given that this time the show really gets a good studio for animation.

What can we expect in chapter 167 of OPM manga? 

We know that Saitama was holding back quiet and how much of his power will he need to unleash in order to defeat Garou.

This is a fact that Saitama will inevitably defeat Garou but, the thing is will it happen or will we see some twist? Now that the #1 hero Blast has seen the potential held by Saitama I expect that there will come a time when he will reveal the ultimate threat ‘God’ and will realize that he is the only one that can actually defeat him.

But, it is still too soon for that and the the finale of the Garou arc is yet to come although it is very near.

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