Pokemon Anime fans are not happy after this!!

Pokemon Anime has been running for a long time which is more than 2 decades worth of time. It has been one of the longest running anime series and is still running in the industry despite some of its setbacks. In fact, it is a very popular franchise in Japan and is quite popular even in the west. There are a lot of series focusing on different regions in the Pokemon World, however, one thing that has remained the same is its protagonist, Ash Ketchum. An even more absurd thing is that Ash has not aged a bit even after more than 20 years of running in the series.

Anyways, let’s focus on its latest series which is known as Pokemon Journeys, but the original version was titled Pokemon (2019).

Pokemon (2019) Anime

Pokemon Journey Anime
Released in2019
Number of episodes131 (Ongoing)

This series came after the release of the game Pokemon Sword and Shield which was centered around the Galar region. Normally, the anime only focuses on one region that is featured in their latest games. However, this time the scenario was different as the creators decided to include all the regions (including Galar) and used the Galar League champion as the World Champion, implying he is the strongest trainer in the world. On top of that, he also has an unbeatable tag on him.

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This made the series interesting even though there were people who did not like the idea. But, it became the final goal of our protagonist and he also entered into the Pokemon World Championships.

World Championship in Pokemon Anime

Pokemon Master's 8 Tournament

The concept of the World Championship has been prevalent in the community as some Pokemon games introduced it. However, it was never adopted into the anime series until the latest series. We, as fans, want to see Ash become the strongest trainer after all these years of losing in the Pokemon Leagues. Although, he did become Alola’s first ever champion but being a champion among the champions sounds much better and this is what being the World Champion means.

The Pokemon World Championship (PWC) has been a roller coaster ride for the fans. Ash even got some rare and amazing pokemon who could compete with him in the series. He made it to the Master’s Tournament with that new team only. Without using any other pokemon in the battles. Yet, the fact remains that event though it was a good team, it was not his best. The major reason for it is the lack of experience. This was even proved in the recent episodes of Pokemon (2019) anime. This is one of the reasons why fans are not very happy with this series. Let’s talk about it!

Pokemon Anime fans are disappointed over these things

Pokemon Anime PWC Master's Tournament
  • PWC is a major event in Pokemon and still, it did not feel as major as it should have. This can be attributed to the pacing of the story. I am not saying that the whole series was bad. In fact, some of the mini-arcs were great, however, the overall pace was a little too much.
  • Another reason that I found was the fillers that were used in between the finals of such a grand event. It took out the hype that was built around the grandeur of the Master’s Tournament.
  • The animation was also not too great to brag about and the Dynamax mechanism was also something that was not very well received. Mega Evolution remains the best mechanism so far.
  • Ash did not use his best Pokemon even against the League Champions in the tournament. This is, of course, a huge disadvantage as all the other champions used their best Pokemon with lots of battle experience.
  • This may be my personal reason but I think that Cynthia should have been in place of Leon as the World Champion. I am not sure how many of you would agree, but Leon is overhyped in the anime.

Ash vs Leon PWC Final Battle Prediction

Ash vs Leon PWC Final

Despite what happens Pokemon anime will always have a place in our hearts and its nostalgia can not be replaced. The PWC is almost finished and we will have the world champion in the next episode, most probably. I will be honest, the possibility of Ash claiming the victory is very low. Leon will most probably remain the undefeated champion. But since it’s Pokemon Anime, anything can happen. This can be referenced from the Kalos league final where Ash seemed to emerge victorious, but lost in the end. Let’s see what happens, what are your thoughts on the outcome?!

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