Major Reasons Why Solo Leveling deserved an anime!!

There has been a lot of hype surrounding the popular manhwa Solo Leveling and the fans had been waiting for its anime since forever. However, the good news is that Solo Leveling anime has been announced to be in production and the news has been out for quite some time. The anticipation of the anime of this popular manhwa has been a hot topic on the internet for a long time. But, there is not much point in discussing it since it is finally getting an anime adaptation.

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So, let’s try and move on to the topic of the reasons that made the manhwa deserving of an anime adaptation. I will be sharing my thoughts on this and you are also free to share your reviews in the comments.

Reasons why Solo Leveling deserved an anime adaptation

1. Enthralling Art style and Visuals

Sung Jin Woo and his commanders

Manhwas are usually associated with a good art style and colourful representations. However, Solo Leveling manhwa was top tier even among the greats. The art was so captivating that one could easily get hooked, just like I did! The action scenes, the emotions and the personality of the characters were very intense and were adapted into the art quite beautifully and due to this reason, it might be hard to do justice to the anime as well. But, I am hoping that anime will be even better at catching the attention with its visuals.

Solo Leveling System Creator Boss

2. Engaging Story

Sung Jin Ah - Solo Leveling
Sung Jin Woo's family

I, personally, liked the story a lot, though I am not quite sure how many people would agree with this. The overall progression of the story was also very well done if I exclude the end parts of the manhwa. I believe that the ending could have been done a little better. It doesn’t mean that I did not like the ending, it’s just the fact that compared to the rest of the story it could have been a little better. But, as mentioned, it was surely engaging and it won’t shock me if the readers loved the story as well. Its animation is definitely something I am looking forward to.

Cha Hae In x Sung Jin Woo

3. The Level Up System

Solo Leveling

If you haven’t read the manga then let me tell you that there is a system that is created to bestow powers upon the user. However, the levelling up is gradual so as to make sure that the user can adapt to the strength and new powers. This system prevents the destruction of the body since the power is given gradually and not all at once. This system is the soul of manhwa if I am being honest. It was a very good story device that was used for the MCs progression. It was also symbolic of the fact that being consistent is really important if we want to improve and reach our goals. I believe that this concept is a reason good enough to make it deserve an anime as there are not many series that have dived into this sort of concept.  

Beru greeting his king Sung Jin Woo

4. Sung Jin Woo

B@adass Sung Jin Woo

Well, if all the reasons above were not satisfactory then I think that this might do the trick. The MC of the manhwa Sung Jin Woo was a total badass and I was in love with his character. There was absolutely nothing that I found unlikeable in him. His looks, character development, undying army filled with super strong characters and godly presence makes him a character to simp for and puts him in the leagues of Kakashi and Gojo Satoru. His drip level is over 9000 and I am not kidding! He is truly a badass and This reason, alone, is enough to make Solo Leveling deserving of an anime series. The fans (including me) would be mad if he is not done properly in the anime series.

Sung Jin Woo (Necromancer) - Shadow Army


Solo Levelling is among my favourite manhwas and I am looking forward to the animation that will be adopted in the series. There is not much information revealed as well apart from the fact that it is in production and a teaser along with it. I will relay any updates that will be released in the future regarding Solo Levelling anime. If you like watching anime and need suggestions then you can check out my other blogs. You might find a lot of anime that you haven’t watched and would surely want to try. 

If there are any suggestions or thoughts then you can share them in the comments section or simply connect with me on my Instagram. My profile is @theanimeguy24  and I will see you all in the next blog, PEACE!!

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