Why Sakura isn’t so USELESS!!

Here's why I think Sakura is not useless

In the Narutoverse, the fandom has always had one thing that hasn’t changed much for a long time and i.e hatred for Sakura. I can’t argue that she was not annoying in the early parts of the series. But that was a part of her character and I believe that the hate she gets is unjustified. Calling Sakura useless has become a meme and it has been for a long time. Sakura has been a much more useful and relevant character. There are going to be a lot of references to support my claim, but, in the end, it is just my personal opinion and you are not entitled to support it. So, I hope that you can respect my opinion, however, any sort of constructive criticism related to the content is most welcome. Now, let’s get started…

1.  Sakura had great Chakra control 

It was stated very clearly in the series that Sakura had really good chakra control from the moment they became Genin. In this particular aspect, she was superior and was the best in team 7. Even Tsunade, Lady Chiyo, and Kakashi have acknowledged that fact many times throughout the series. Her skill was something that she had worked hard to earn as she did not have many talents from her birth and nor was she blessed with any doujutsu. It was all her efforts, neither tailed beast power nor any Sharingan. This was really commendable as there are not many ninjas that are able to reach those high levels just with their skills. 

Sakura's potential to surpass Tsunade being recognized by Kakashi
Having accurate chakra control meant that she was able to perform a Jutsu with minimal chakra. This is a major factor that contributed her to strive on the path to learning medical ninjutsu and gaining monstrous physical strength and the potential to surpass even the great legendary Sannin, Tsunade.  

2. Sakura had a Strong spirit

The turning point in Sakura’s life was the chunin exams. Yes, she was not able to perform very well unlike Lee or Naruto. But, what the chunin exams gave her was determination and strong willpower. This willpower was also acknowledged by Kakashi. She was neither an Uchiha nor a jinchuriki, yet she had the determination to fight side by side with them. On top of that, she had great analytical skills (another important factor for a skilled medical ninja). Her spirit was almost as strong as Naruto’s if not stronger. Had it not been the case she would have been crushed completely and would never have even thought of becoming stronger. 

And…let’s be honest, Sakura did not have a natural talent like Sasuke or huge chakra reserves like Naruto, yet she is one of those characters that have been overlooked many times just because Team 7 had Naruto, Kakashi, and Sasuke. The fact that she is currently the strongest Kunoichi and the most skilled medical ninja and still being referred to as useless confirms the ignorance that has been thrown at her. 

Lady Chiyo's final words to Sakura

3. Sakura was a Genius at Medical Ninjutsu

Even in the real world not just anyone can become a doctor much less an elite. This statement alone is able to show the worth of Sakura. She was not just a Medical Ninja, she was an elite among the Medical Ninja and currently the best. Being able to perform medical ninjutsu requires an extreme level of skill and intelligence. 

It’s true that her ability to control chakra and her sharp mind made her potentially genius, as acknowledged by Shizune and even Tsunade herself. But, she was able to convert that potential into reality. This was possible only because of her strong willpower and determination to prove her worth. She was nowhere near as strong as Naruto or Sasuke, yet she was able to endure her harsh training with Tsunade. 

She was an extremely skilled medical ninja equivalent to even Tsunade. This can be backed by the incident where Kankuro was affected by an extremely complex and dangerous poison while he fought Sasori. That poison was so complex that even Chiyo, who was an expert in poison couldn’t figure out anything to save Kankuro. She claims that only Tsunade would be able to save him at that point. Sakura then arrives at the Sand Village and extracts the poison from his body, creating an antidote as well. She proved why she deserved to be Tsunade’s disciple. 

4. Her Monstrous strength

Anyone can vouch for her incomparable physical strength. Breaking boulders, and making craters is nothing but child’s play for her. 

There were many instances that displayed her physical strength like the bell training in Naruto Shippuden with Kakashi, fighting with Sasori alongside Chiyo who also acknowledged her strength and skill, and the 4th great ninja war, etc. And what’s more astonishing is that until the Great Ninja war, she was fighting while storing her chakra for the Hundred Healing seal, which is something that only Tsunade has been able to achieve apart from her. This made her capable of fighting while healing others, like Tsunade.

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  • “Sakura is Useless” meme

This is all that I could think of about Sakura. Let’s talk a little about HOW  “THE USELESS SAKURA MEME” STARTED.

She always knew that she was not as strong as Naruto and Sasuke and that she had to be saved many times. And I believe that the really important thing to note is that she acknowledged her weakness and tried desperately hard in order to overcome her weaknesses. But, despite that, she considered herself useless so many times and a burden to Team 7. This is where I believe the useless Sakura meme started. It was not due to the fact that she was useless but rather she considered herself useless because she was saved many times and was an annoying character for many, at the beginning of Naruto. Naruto and Sasuke being the main characters of the story, always took the spotlight and she couldn’t get the shine, which is understood, But getting hated on that can’t be. 

And frankly, I don’t mind the useless meme, as long as it’s not toxic. Although it’s quite clear that Sakura doesn’t deserve to be called useless and it needs to be stopped. The one who truly deserves the title of useless is Konohamaru (from Boruto). He was made to be so uncool that it’s not even a joke anymore it’s just simply annoying to see such a cool character that wanted to rival Naruto and become the Hokage turn into such a useless character that even his genin team is able to outshine him and it has happened many times in the Boruto series.

Anyways, this is it for the article. I hope you liked it!! Thank you for reading till the end, I truly appreciate it❤️

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