Acro Trip gets a promotional video after the announcement of staff for the anime production

The magical girl comedy is set to have an anime adaptation to be released in 2024. The staff and cast for the production was also announced recently.

The announcement for the anime adaptation for Acro Trip came recently. The anime will be based on the original manga storyline written by Yone Sawata. The anime adaptation will be done by Studio Voil and is set to release next year. The exact release has not yet been released.

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Here’s the promo trailer for the series:

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Acro Trip Plot and Wiki

Acro Trip
Credit: Studio Voil
GenréMahou Shoujo, Fantasy, Comedy
Story and IllustrationYone Sawata
Published by Shueisha

The story is centered around Chizuko Date, an Otaku, living Niigata Prefecture. She has an obsession of a magical girl known as Berry Blosssom. However, the situation has become such that the villain organization has turned weak and that has made people overlook the clash between the magical girl and the villains and this has made her almost irrelevant. This makes Chizuko wishing to revive the glory of Berry Blossom at any cost. But, along the shy girl’s journey, she will be meeting many people with strange personalities.

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As mentioned already, the story and illustration for the manga is done by Yone Sawata. The manga was first launched in 2017 in Shueisha’s Ribon magazine. Recently, the anime adaptation was also announced which will be produced by Studio Voil.

Acro Trip anime staff

The official information on the staff and cast that has been released is here.

Studio Voil
DirectorAyumu Kotake
Series CompositionShinichi Inozume
Character DesignToshie Kawamura

Along with the staff, some character design PV were also revealed. Have a look:

Acro Trip Character PV
Credit: Toshie Kawamura

Source: Acro Trip Anime Official Website

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