Ichigo was never a Shinigami before | Bleach TYBW Episode 13 Review

Manga readers were already aware of this and now the anime has also adapted this part. Bleach TYBW episode 13 was another insane part of this series. If you have not seen the episode yet then, I suggest you go watch and then come here to delve deeper into the incidents that occurred in the episode.

I will also be reviewing the episode and sharing my thoughts on it. Fasten your belts and get ready!!

NOTE: The content ahead is going to contain spoilers from the episode as well as the other episodes of the first cour.

Bleach TYBW Episode 13 Review

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As I mentioned already, the episode was fantastic. I waited a long time for this arc to be animated and every episode was phenomenal. With episode 13, the first cour has also ended, and we were given the long-due backstory.

One thing that might have gone unnoticed would be that the captains have also started their training and they are all going to be insane after they are done. Now, I won’t spoil the details but, we are in for a lot of thrilling and badass animation and this episode gave us a teaser of what is to come.

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After realizing the story of his origins, Ichigo was now ready to go back and take the trial for his Zanpakuto. With the reality in front of him Ichigo had no choice but to acknowledge the fact that his true Zanpakuto was never the one he had known. The conversation between Ichigo and Zangetsu gave the farewell much more depth and I almost felt sorry for Zangetsu.

There were a lot of answers that were given to us with the episode and I am going to be covering all those aspects in detail.

Ichigo’s Real Zanpakuto

Ichigo's real Zanpakuto - Bleach TYBW episode 13

I used the title that Ichigo was never a soul reaper before, and the reason is there in front of us. The bit that was left about his origin was covered in this episode as his Zanpakuto was being forged from the Asauchi picked by him.

The reason that Ichigo’s Asauchi turned white and took the form of a hollow was that Ichigo’s Zanpakuto was actually in the form of a hollow. Now, you might think that Ichigo has the blood of a Soul Reaper and a Quincy then why is the Zanpakuto in the form of a hollow. The answer is simple, his mother was hollowified after the encounter with black hollow. That soul interfered with Ichigo’s Soul Reaper powers and gave us the White Asauchi that we saw in the episode and it was in the form of a hollow for that same reason.

Ichigo and his hollow Asauchi

The thing is that Zangetsu was never his real Zanpakuto. It was just a taken by his Quincy powers that took the appearance of Yhwach. Zangetsu’s only desire was to protect Ichigo from harm and yet being with him and watching him grow started catching up to him. The reason was if Ichigo became a Shinigami then Yhwach would have no choice but to kill him and that is what made Zangetsu prevent him from becoming one.

This also means that the Ichigo we thought was broken, is now even more broken now that he has access to his own Zanpakuto and full power. We also got to see a glimpse of what he could do as he swung his two blades shaking the whole area and the water body around them. Even the Nimaiya bodyguards were shocked to see him wield two Zanpakuto as there has not been any other who could wield two Zanpakuto.

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Zangetsu’s desire to protect Ichigo

Ichigo and Zangetsu - Bleach TYBW episode 13

I think that Zangetsu did not hate the Soul Reapers as he was only the spirit taking form inside him. The reason he did that was to protect Ichigo from harm. This may sound insane, but it is true. Ichigo has always been someone who wanted to protect everyone and Zangetsu started respecting his wish and helped him learn to control his leaking power. However, Ichigo never gave a thought to his own well-being. There was no one who was thinking of protecting Ichigo as he is usually the one saving others.

Zangetsu only wanted to protect him because after he becomes a complete Shinigami, he will start getting involved with the battles that were to come and there will be no turning back. However, as we know Ichigo is a kind man so he did not care for what reasons Zangetsu did what he did. He even accepted both the souls inside him that helped him throughout and called them both Zangetsus.

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With that, he bid them farewell as he accepted his own self and let those two go. Since a big war is yet to come, we also saw the captains training to go beyond their present selves for the big war to come.

Preparation for the next big war

Bleach TYBW episode 13

Many captains lost their Bankai and they were all frustrated on how helpless they were without their Bankai. In order to overcome that fear and to prepare for the next big war every captain started training in their own way. Powerlessness only leaves us two choices. Either we reminisce over what is already lost or we can move forward with what we have to cover up for the things that we have lost. It’s obvious that everyone chose the second option.

This leaves us with the final scene that you all might have skipped. It was Uryu Ishida joining the ranks of Yhwach. As for why Ishida decided to join Yhwach is something that we will understand in the coming course. For now, this is all for the first cour.

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However, if you want to know what comes ahead then you can check out the Manga as the arc has been completed for a long time.

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