One Piece | Unforgettable MVP moments and characters from every major arc

One Piece is among the very few anime and manga series to cross 1000 chapters/episodes. This feat in itself is pretty huge as the interest in the series is still as fresh as it ever was. Not many anime are capable of keeping it this fresh despite being this long.

But, we are not here to talk about its length, rather, let’s emphasize on the unforgettable MVP characters and their MVP moments that came at crucial moments of their respective arcs. If it weren’t for these then things would have easily gone south. This is a very beautiful display that One Piece has always given us, which led to a strong build-up and made sense of all those victories and escapes. And let’s face it, if it weren’t for the support characters then the whole story could have been a mess with major plot holes. So, let’s get started with

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MVP Characters and Moments – One Piece

Monkey D. Dragon

Monkey D Dragon - One Piece

It was Dragon’s first appearance and it was quite mysterious. It also came at a very crucial moment when Luffy was about to leave for the grand line. However, the biggest obstacle was waiting for her in the form of Captain Smoker. He was the first Logia type introduced in the series and Luffy was not ready to face him at that point. If it weren’t for Dragon to stop him from capturing Luffy then he would not have been able to leave for the Grand line for his grand adventure.

Bon Clay

Bon Clay - One Piece

He is one of my favorite characters and I would say that one of the most transformed characters and a true MVP of One Piece. He was also a true friend to the straw hats and did everything to help them wherever he could.

The first instance was when straw hats had to escape from the Navy in Alabasta however they were surrounded and had no means of escape. It was when Bon Clay used his ability and acted as a decoy to let them escape easily, even though he himself got captured and was put into impel down.

His second MVP moment also came at Impel Down and it is also among the saddest moments of One piece. A lot was happening at Impel down and it was very intense but then again there had to be an escape from the inescapable prisons and it would not have been possible without any sacrifices. This is where Bon Clay came in when he stayed so that Luffy could escape and go to Marineford to the war of the best. Unfortunately, we lost Bon Clay as he decided to make the necessary sacrifice just so that everyone else could escape. His contribution will never be forgotten.


Sanji - One Piece

Sanji has always been a lover boy but that part of him overshadows his awareness and wits. There were moments when Sanji used that wit to get the Straw Hats out of many dangerous situations. It would not be fair to him to mention his key MVP moments.

He has contributed many times but the one that I can never forget is when the Straw Hats were trying to escape from Enies Lobby. Navy fleet had surrounded them and the gates of justice had to be opened for their escape. That was when Sanji went away mysteriously trying to find a way to open those gates. If he had not done that then, everyone would have died there and then.

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This was not the only contribution, however, as he was also the one to secretly tail the men who were taking away Robin and if it wasn’t for him then Usopp would not have realized his true value as a sniper as he was trying to compare his strength to his crewmates. Sanji is a crucial member of Straw Hat Pirates and he would require a separate page if we start talking about him. So, let’s stop here for now.

Going Merry

Going Merry

Going Merry was also an MVP at The Enies Lobby as it was a stronghold of the Navy and it was full of navy soldiers and even the admirals had surrounded them. After the Straw Hats rescued Robin, it would have been nearly impossible for them to get out of the Navy stronghold. It was at that crucial moment when our beloved Merry made its shocking appearance and displayed the will to help the straw hats even if it was the last sail ever. If it wasn’t for the spirit of Merry the escape from Enies Lobby would have been nigh impossible.

We should never forget that going merry was an important crew member of the straw hats as well and it was also the saddest moment when we had to bid farewell to the Going Merry.


Charlotte Brulee - Big Mom Pirates

The Whole Cake Island was also very intense and the one major reason for it was obvious that it was a region ruled by the Yonko, Charlotte Linlin aka Big Mom. Charlotte Brulee is a member of the Big Mom pirates and her mirror world ability was one major factor that turned around the situation in favor of Luffy and his crew and even then there were sacrifices that had to be made to escape from that island.

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Not just that, but almost most of their strategy revolved around Brulees’s ability and that is why I believe that it was a big factor that worked in favor of Luffy and co.


Tama - One Piece

The Wano arc is one of the major arcs in One Piece and many great people joined together and contributed in order to achieve victory over Kaido and free the land of Wano. However, the low-key MVP of this arc, for me, has to be Tama and the reason for it is that Kaido’s army heavily outnumbered Luffy’s allied army.

Her ability to control animals was what came in handy and changed the equation in favor of the alliance. If it wasn’t for her ability then, they may have defeated Kaido but his army would have still outnumbered and they would suffer huge casualties. Otama was a game-changer for me in that war against Kaido.


Red Haired Shanks

Shanks is one of the hyped characters in One Piece and yet we barely know anything about him apart from the fact that his name is known even among the Navy. His MVP moment was at the last of Marineford arc when he came and stopped the war. Not just that, he also stopped Kaido from coming there and wreaking havoc.

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If Shanks had not interfered and stopped the war then there would have been a lot more casualties and Whitebeard would also have not been able to get a proper burial. His reputation is such that even Rear Admiral, Sengoku listened to his advice without any resistance. Shanks really saved the day at Marineford.

FInal Words

There were a lot of other characters as well, but since One Piece is a huge series and it’s difficult to remember each one, so, I shared whoever I could recall. If there’s anything you think I missed then don’t forget to point that out. I will be happy to listen. Thanks a lot for reading till here as well.

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