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The red hair aka Shanks is one of the most talked about characters in One Piece ever since it began. But, at the same time, not much is revealed about him even after so many years. This has caused people to speculate about his origins, strength and the crew he gathered. We are also here to talk about the mysterious red-haired Shanks using references from One Piece anime and manga. So without any further ado let’s get started on the topic of the mystery of Shanks.

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Shanks lost his left arm

Red hair Shanks

If you remember very early in the series, Shanks was shown to be a carefree person who doesn’t take things too seriously unless harm comes the way of his friends. We didn’t really knew how strong he was at that point of time. But, now, we have a much better idea of just how strong his Haki is. Yet, when he was trying to save Luffy from the attack of the sea monster, he gave up his left arm and scared it away after that. He told Luffy that it was just an arm.

Shanks and Straw Hat Luffy

Ever since then, there has been no clear answer to why exactly he did what he did. What Shanks says is that he sacrificed his left arm for the future of the world. We can also take up an inference from it that despite losing his arm his reputation was not tarnished. Oda has been great at foreshadowing so we may get to know and understand the real reason behind his act, some time in the future.

The man with a huge reputation

It won’t be wrong to say that Shanks is one of the most reputed pirates and even the likes of Navy didn’t dare go against him at the war of Marineford. His influence is so much that even Sengoku heeded his advice of stopping the war and letting him take away the body of Whitebeard and Ace to give them a proper burial. This was a shock to many; even the Navy soldiers were stunned after hearing that. Not just that, but he also reached there after confronting Kaido. We do not know what exactly happened, but, the result was that Kaido did not reach Marineford. This feat in itself speaks of how great an influence he has.

Shanks- One Piece

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He has also been seen to be in contact with the five elders, who are supposed to be the highest authority in the Navy. All these instances are what makes him a mysterious figure that we may get to know about before the series ends. For now, we can only wait for the foreshadowing to showcase its final result and give us the answers that we have been looking for.

Shanks has been to Raftel

This is more of a theory, but from the incidents that have been shown up till the latest chapters have made me believe that he has already been to Raftel and has seen the history of the lost century. This can also explain his actions since if he knew about the prophecy of Joyboy and had an idea as to it might have been Luffy, he made all his choices but never interfered directly or majorly in any event.

Shanks claims the One Piece

All I can say is that I have been thinking about this theory and got the drive to go through with this theory only after the recent chapters of the manga, specifically the panel where he talks about One Piece as if it is already in his range and only has to go and claim it. There’s a lot I want to talk about this theory but I will be keeping that for later and cover it in detail in another blog. You will have to wait till then and also I thank you for the effort of reading it till the end. I really appreciate it!

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