Lookism Anime coming to Netflix this December!!

You must have been waiting for Lookism anime to release as it was scheduled to be released in November. However, it was postponed, but, now we have official confirmation on the release date of the anime which is going to be released on Netflix.

Why was Lookism anime postponed?

lookism netflix

As I already mentioned the anime was scheduled to release in early November. But, it was postponed due to the tragic incident that happened in Seoul. You all must have heard of the stampede that took place in Itaewon, Seoul on the night of Halloween. It was a big tragedy and was covered almost everywhere in the world.

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This is the reason why the production team decided to postpone the release of the anime. However, we have been given new dates by the official team which we will talk about in the next section.

Lookism Anime Release Date

Lookism - Park Daniel

After its postponed date, the new official release date that is given to the anime is 8 December. This means that we will soon be able to watch the anime on Netflix. Are you hyped for the show and looking forward to its release? I certainly am.

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Lookism Plot and Wiki

Lookism Anime Cover
AuthorPark Tae-Joon
GenreSchool, Drama

This section may contain some minor spoilers so if you are not ready for them then you can skip this section.

Lookism anime is based on the original manhwa/webtoon authored by Park Tae-Joon. It will soon be released on the popular OTT platform, Netflix.

The story is about a schoolboy named Park Hyung Seok who often gets bullied due to his physical appearance and easily gets picked up by others. After getting sick of suffering he decided to transfer schools. However, his life turned upside down one day when he woke up in a new body. The new physique is totally different from his usual one. He now has a physique of a handsome man with a fit body.

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He starts living as Daniel Park and switches back to his original body at night. As he starts to live his life as an influencer, he is faced with the harsh reality of the real world. The discrimination that is faced by people who are not very attractive and dull. This opens up a whole new world in front of him.

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