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Monkey D. Luffy is the central character of one of the greatest anime ever. I am sure you would also agree if you start watching One Piece. For those who are already watching it, they must be aware of the prophecy of Joyboy’s return and recently it seems like Luffy truly is the reincarnation of the man who is said to be the liberator and possesses one of the most insane devil fruits, which is the Hito Hito no mi, Model – Nika.

Luffy The Warrior of Liberation

At the time he is not even aware of the potential of the devil fruit he has as it was only brought up recently by the Gorosei. Since Luffy is said to be the liberation of this new era. I was wondering if he would surpass all the legendary pirates and become the strongest. The answer to that is not really simple. But, yes I do think that he is going to reach heights no one has ever been to and is the Joyboy of the new era. So, let’s get started with this One Piece discussion.

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Luffy is the warrior of liberation

Luffy - The Warrior of Liberation

There is a legend in One Piece related to the Sun God Nika. The legend says that Nika was the warrior of liberation who freed the world from slavery and brings joy to the faces of everyone. This legend was a foreshadowing of the return of the Sun God in the form of Luffy. Although, it is not officially stated that Luffy’s Devil fruit awakening was actually the awakening of the powers of the Sun God Nika. However, we can all make sense of it as Luffy’s form was very similar to the one where Nika was shown.

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For now, it remains a legend, but there has to be more to this legend and it all might be a foreshadowing of what’s yet to come. My theory is that the legend is actually related to the lost hero, Joyboy and he was the first person to be in possession of Nika’s powers. But, since the history void was erased from the world, what remained was a part of the legend and we are sure to know more about Joyboy and Sun God Nika.

Sun God Nika

From whatever we have seen so far and know about the history void, it is clear that there is some sort of connection between Luffy and Joyboy and we will know more about it as One Piece has reached its final saga. One thing that is certain is that Luffy is the warrior of liberation. There is enough evidence to support that.

Everywhere Luffy has been to were places that were plagued by corruption and evil and Luffy’s sense of freedom did not let him see that continue. This is why he fought everywhere to free those lands and fled as soon as people started crediting him as a hero. This brings me to my next point which is “What exactly does freedom mean to Luffy?”

Luffy’s meaning of Freedom

While the answer to this is plain and obvious, it’s a little complicated to understand. Luffy’s freedom is in doing whatever he wants without any restrictions. But, this is not exactly everything he desires. He is foolish, but his determination to help someone he cares about is incomparable. We have seen that in almost every major arc where the country was deprived of its freedom and Luffy fought to change it for the sake of his friends.

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His freedom is not just in doing whatever he wants but also seeing the people around him feeling the same as well. What it means is that if the world around him is bound to something then how can he feel free despite being the warrior of freedom. It does make a lot of sense as well. Don’t you agree?!

Luffy is not Joyboy but he is

Joyboy's return

The Straw Hat is a symbol that is said to have deep ties with Joyboy. I also think that it is also a symbol of freedom worn by those who truly symbolize it, such as Shanks, Gol D. Roger, and now Luffy. They are all free men but what sets Luffy apart from them is the prophecy and how he is foreshadowed to be Joyboy and is the warrior who will liberate the world in the new era that is going on.

Luffy is not Joyboy

What I meant by Luffy is not Joyboy is that even though, he is quite similar to him. He is not exactly Joyboy as even Kaido stated in their battle. Instead of being the reincarnation, he is rather the symbolization. He is not Joyboy but is what he represents. Also, we can’t ignore the fact that he does possess his spirit as he was recognized as soon as he turned into Gear 5. I am sure that there is nothing to argue here. If, however, your thoughts are different then do share them in the comments and let me know.

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