Top 10 Romance Anime With Valentine’s Vibe!!

It is the season of love and we celebrate that love in the week of Valentine’s. While it isn’t that this is the only time when love is at its peak. But, it is, sort of, a special occasion that lovers celebrate like a festival.

For us, Otakus, love runs deeper than an average person. It is not a statistic but my hunch is that it is the case. Anime teaches us love that is very different from the mainstream. Do you not agree with this?!

With that in mind, I want to share with you some romance anime that you can watch this valentine’s and understand the kind of love that makes us go beyond what we ever would have. Even if you find some that you have watched already, I am sure that you would love to watch them again. Now, let’s get started!!

Note: I will be adding a bonus anime to the list so make sure to stick to the end.

Top 10 Romance Anime

1. Your Lie In April

Your lie in april

The list would feel incomplete without this anime. Your Lie in April is a masterpiece that follows the story of Kousei, a piano genius. Kousei had lost his drive to play piano again as he gives it up. But, along the way, he meets Kaori who is another beautiful musician herself. She starts giving life to Kouse’s piano once again. Kousei starts falling for her, but couldn’t do anything as she was dating his friend.

There is no way that you won’t cry after completing this series. It also has a twist at the end that I do not want to spoil here. Love, heartbreak, friendship, music, life…there isn’t anything that you will not witness here. Many of you may have already watched it and if you haven’t then it is a must-watch series for you. However, I do warn you that you will cry a lot after watching this.

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2. Shikimori’s Not Just A Cutie

Shikimori is not just a cutie

Are you bored of those same romance titles where the guy saves the girl every time? Well then, you will be glad to know that this anime aims at breaking that stereotype. Shikimori and Izumi is the main couple of the story.

Izumi has, sort of, a situation where trouble seems to find him, no matter where he is. There are even times when he can get into dangerous situations. However, his girlfriend, Shikimori is the hero that he admires and loves. She is there for him to save him from any trouble he gets into.

Yes, she is the one saving his boyfriend and that is a sight that I have never seen before. It is a really cute anime to watch that will give you a different perspective that you, otherwise, would never have. So, do try this anime if you haven’t already.

3. Romantic Killer

Romantic Killer

It is not what we can call a typical romance anime, but has a different side of love that often gets overlooked, which is “Friendship”. While friends turning lovers has always existed, this is something entirely different. Anzu is the MC of Romantic Killer and is a complete nerd, so much so that she ignores every chance of romance that she might have.

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Then one day, a magician appears and turns her life into a simulation game, sort of, where she is forced to leave her three greatest desires and focus on a romantic relationship. However, she swears that she will become an anti-heroine and won’t ever get into a romantic relationship. It is a fun anime to watch and will teach you that a romantic relationship is not the only one that can happen between a boy and a girl.

It will also be a good watch for those who are single by choice and cherish their friends. Share your thoughts in the comments if you enjoyed this anime.

4. The Ice Guy And His Cool Female Colleague

The ice guy and his cool female colleague

High School romance anime have been so popular that adult romance stories do not get to shine that much. The Ice Guy and his Cool Female Colleague is one such anime that might break the norms.

It is an office romance story between two adults with some supernatural elements added to it. Himuro is the male MC who can alter the weather around him based on his emotions. You can say that his emotions are what drive his powers. He hits it off instantly with a co-worker named Fuyutsuki.

It is an ongoing anime that has gained quite a lot of attention. If you do like it then let me know in the comments.

5. My Dress-Up Darling

My dress up darling

My Dress-Up Darling is a typical romance story based on two characters who are completely opposite from each other. Gojou and Marin are the two opposite characters. Gojou is a guy who likes hina dolls and does not socialize much due to the fear of being mocked because of his interest. On the contrary, Marin is a popular and confident girl who wants to do cosplay and seeks Gojou to be her outfit designer.

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It is a well-paced, well-animated, and simple romance that will fill your heart with love. Romance anime lovers would most definitely enjoy the series.

6. Ouran High School Host Club

Ouran high school host club

Are you done with harem anime and want a change? Well, Ouran High School Host Club is a reverse harem with the central character named Haruhi Fujioka.

She breaks a vase which was an antique and belonged to the Host club of her school. This gets her involved with the Host club as she gets dragged into becoming a host herself and is forced to pose as a boy. It is a light series with good character development of many characters in the series.

7. My Love Story!!

My love story!!

My Love Story, popularly known as Ore Monogatari!! is another heartwarming romance anime. Takeo is a high schooler with an intimidating look and he falls in love with a cute girl known as Rinko. Despite having feelings for her, he plays cupid with his best friend. Isn’t this what true love should be like?

Anyways, despite him playing cupid, his feelings could not hold out for long and a relationship between him and Rinka does start. You can see their love story which covers a major part of the show, so don’t worry if you start rooting for Takeo as your wish will come true.

8. Kaguya-Sama: Love Is War

Kaguya Sama Love Is War

Everything is fair in Love and War and this anime hold true to this statement, well, to some extent. The main couple of the series is Miyuki and Kaguya. There are other couples as well, but the focus is on these two.

The story is that they both have feelings for each other, but do not want to be the first ones to confess their love. That is what starts the war of love where they use everything in their arsenal to make the other confess and neither one budges an inch. There are a lot of comic scenes as well, so entertainment is not going to be an issue.

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The anime is now complete and you can binge the series. It has 3 seasons and each one is better than the previous one. What are your thought on it?

9. Fruits Basket

Fruits basket

Fruits Basket is a slice-of-life comedy anime that follows a love triangle and has great supporting characters as well as a beautiful story.

It follows the story of Toru Honda, who is an average high schooler living a hard life and has only her grandfather who is truly her family. She is very kind and her kindness is often seen as her stupidity, but her life changes after an encounter with Yuki Soma, a member of the Soma family. She learns of a secret that no one is supposed to know and moves in with the Soma family.

Toru comes across many members of the Soma family throughout the series and just as she impacted the life of Somas, they also try to make her life better and give her the proper treatment that she deserves. There’s lot more to the story and for that, you will have to watch it.

10. Your Name

Kimi no na wa

With its beautiful visuals and amazing music, Your Name was able to make its name known. The movie had a concept of time, but it was more than just time travel. The concept was followed up with a great story and its engaging music left us entranced. Even after so many years, it still remains an unforgettable movie.

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Bonus: Future Diary

Mirai Nikki

Well. this is the bonus anime that I wanted to share with you all. I know that it is not seen as a romance anime. But, Future Diary is one of those anime where you can witness the lengths that one can go to for the person they love.

There are many twisted moments where you might not make it out as a romance. Even I could not, but, after watching its ending, I realized how wrong I was. It is a great anime where the love story is very twisted, and yet I was awestruck by it. I’d also go so far as to say it is one of the most underrated romance anime ever. Do you agree with me?

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